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  1. RBD on fast moving collider

    Make sure you use a TimeBlend SOP on the collision geo. This will guarantee subframes in the animation as long as the point count doesn't change.
  2. Resetting the Viewport

    I wanted to share this script with you guys. As we all know, viewport issues randomly occur at times. Geometry doesn't display properly, templated geo sticks to the view and doesn't go away, camera gets stuck in ortho mode, etc. So a common fix for this is to just close the viewport and make a new one. I have written a script you can add on your shelf for your convenience: cur = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer,0) vp = cur.curViewport() so = vp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.SceneObject) fb = cur.flipbookSettings() somode = so.shadedMode() cam = hou.node("/obj").createNode("cam") vp.saveViewToCamera(cam) cam.parm("projection").set(0) new = cur.pane().createTab(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) nvp = new.curViewport() ndm = nvp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.DisplayModel) nso = nvp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.SceneObject) nso.setShadedMode(somode) nvp.setCamera(cam) ndm.setLinkToDisplaySet(hou.displaySetType.SceneObject) new.flipbookSettings().copy(fb) cur.close() cam.destroy() This will also save your current camera position, shaded mode, and flipbook settings. Enjoy!
  3. Deleted constraint restores on its own

    Constraints are weird... Instead of actually deleting them, you need to put them in a primitive group called "broken". http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/constraintnetwork I am guessing deleting them might unintentionally scramble the primitive counts.
  4. Bullet Soft Bodie in Houdini ?

    Hello, Guys. I wanted to share this with you. Here I am using @Pavel's awesome method. I am building the constraints using the geometry edges. I am really surprised how well this works! For the initial rollup, I am using a VEX method from a fellow from this thread: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25760-curling-hair-curves-with-vex/#comment-149896 Thanks alot! bullet_cloth.hipnc
  5. This is great! I have been trying to find out how to get the old PolyExtrude and Scatter SOPs. Thanks, David!
  6. The point function needs to be in a POP Wrangle to grab the color attribute from SOPs. Also you shouldn't use f@force. "force" is a reserved Houdini variable in DOPs and its a vector. Call it something else. I have attached an edited file. point_color_force_v2.hip
  7. Here is what I was thinking you could do in DOPs. Use a popwrangle, popvop, or sopsolver to get the rest value (the animated position). Then animate the "activation" any way you want in SOPs. When the particle is activated, dont use the rest anymore. point_deform_grains_v02.hip
  8. You can use the pointDeform SOP to set a rest position on your grains. In DOPs have position equal to rest until you want them to fall off. point_deform_grains.hip
  9. I am assuming you are using a Null to scale your camera. You could also unhide the scale parameter in the camera and put in scale x, y, and z: origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SX") origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SY") origin(opinputpath(".",0), "", "SZ")
  10. VOPSOP replacement in H14

    If you want to have access to the old VOPSOP, type this in a textport: opunhide Sop vopsop
  11. Setting Key Frames with Expression

    Try using fit instead of if. fit($F, 10, 20, 50, 100)
  12. You can just add a custom radius attribute on the points and feed that into the pcopen. Then after the solverSOP, you can add a timeshift or timewarp to adjust the speed. growth_solversop_v2.hip
  13. Here is a very simple example using pcopen within a solverSOP. You can try to change the search radius and maybe randomize it by point number. growth_solversop.hip
  14. Submitting objects to Dops

    Check out what I've been doing. Just started your scene from scratch and playing around. I'm getting new pieces back in OK. Most of the work is some tricks in SOPs. WindowScatterByImageGrowing_RYAN.hipnc
  15. Thanks, mantragora. I didnt realize that.