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  1. delete line segment

    Yes that worked! I didn't know i could group edges by normal. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Maybe I'm going at this wrong, but I have the following problem. I have a bunch of edges going in more or less straight angles. Edge grouping by angle didn't work, I would like to know why, but I have managed to select the points. Now when I delete the points, the edge just shifts to the next. I want to remove the segment entirely i.e. break the line. Any ideas? Many thanks, Isjtar
  3. Split large mesh into pieces

    It's much simpler in VEX, I figured it out, in case anyone needs it. Only on one axis, divides the mesh and assigns the parts to groups. vector bmin = getbbox_min(0); vector bmax = getbbox_max(0); vector bsize = getbbox_size(0); float iter = 4; for (int i = 0; i < iter; i++){ string groupname = sprintf("grup_%d", i); if(@P.x > (bmin.x + (bsize.x / iter * i)) && @P.x < (bmin.x + (bsize.x / iter * (i+1)))) { @Cd = {1, 1, 1} * i / 4; setprimgroup(0, groupname, @primnum, 1); } }
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum, houdini beginner as well, so please bear with me. I'm dealing with very large meshes from lidar scans and need to separate them into smaller ones, for importing into unreal, LOD's etc It would be neat to set number of divisions in x and z, and assign groups - I can do the object merge to geo node by hand. I started doing it with a for loop, not sure if it's the right approach, in attachment for what it's worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks! Isjtar meshCutter.hiplc