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  1. Integrated controller.
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently installed Houdini Apprentice (build 10.0.295) on my Debian Linux box (running Lenny). Houdini is having difficulty rendering buttons, dropdown arrows and CHOPS networks. The "Accept" and "Cancel" buttons that appear on the bottom of dialogue and popup boxes appear blurry with garbage in the button rendering or they appear without the outline box. The buttons are not such a big deal, but I've discovered that the CHOPs editor doesn't render the different channels (No channel lines appear) and nodes in the network editor do not render the details on the node (i.e. type of node). I had a similar problem that I think was limited to the button rendering, when I installed 9.5.x Apprentice on a Windows box about a year ago. That problem was solved by setting the environment variable HOUDINI_OGL_SOFTWARE to 1. I've tried this on my Linux box, but don't see any change. I've also fooled around with settling some of the other environment variables (such as HOUDINI_DOUBLEBUFFER) but I haven't been able to resolve the problem. I'm running an HP Compaq D530 desktop with an out of the box video card, no accelerator. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent a fair bit of time combing message boards and Houdini help, so even if you haven't had this problem but can point me to a resource that you think may lead to a solution, I'm happy to chase down details. Much appreciated, V