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  1. I've been studying about Ocean for a week. My guided ocean is as follows. Because i'm not use mantra, i extrude the surface and take the displacement map from Ocean evaluate. I spread the uvmap on the extruded fluid surface and applied displacement, but only the following resolution was shown below. grid size is 200 and the resolution of the spectrum is 11 . Why is the resolution of the ocean very low compared to the tank with the same ocean spectrum? (Note that the grid resolution of the texture map is 1024...)
  2. Hi. I encountered a problem while studying Flip. how can I handle a flip out of the flip tank? I'm making an extorted ocean through a flip flat tank, but as I keep expanding the bounding box because of the flips that go over the bounding box, there are too many unnecessary flips. Should I just erase the flips that go over the bounding box? I am curious about the general way of working. thank you.
  3. I'd like to make a bracelet on my wrist as shown in the picture above. No matter how the object moves or rotates, I want the bracelet to move and rotate accordingly. How can I make it? I tried to insert the circle by making the main axis of the object, but I failed.