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  1. NEED HELP!!! Render Problem

    Sorry. Here is my video. You can see flickering problem in some frames. I rendered this in mantra. I used glass material for water. I've tried other materials, but outcome was same with flickering. SO i'm confused that is it rendering problem or has it got wrong with simulation cache file? AND is there any way to solve this issue by controlling material or render setting? (because if I recache my simulation, it would take too long to complete this scene) Just LET ME KNOW any tips to getting through this problem. comp.avi
  2. Can anyone give me advice in rendering my water simulation? PLEASE WATER SURFACE CACHE is flickering for some frames! I attached image of 2 frames, first one is flickering and the other one is not. Just some of this frame has this problem and I have no idea what is wrong with surface cache. I rendered this water surface with glass material, and I've tried render with other material but it was same with flickering. And Surface_cache seemed fine with it's shape. Is it problem with Normal? Please let me know if you have any ideas. THANKS!