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  1. Flamethrower effects?

    Thanks for your comments. For the sim you are looking, there is no particles as I can't seem to get it done correctly. I am just wondering if there is a way to make the fire turn into smoke when it dies off and then slowly vanish into the air? Regards, Ray
  2. Flamethrower effects?

    I happened to saw this video, which the artist used fumefx. Flamethrower Anyone can give some insights on how create something like this in houdini? Regards, Ray
  3. Flamethrower effects?

    Hi, Thanks for the reply! I have not gotten any good results with the particles driving the fluids, not sure why. I have been playing around pyro fluids though but still far away. So far I am only simulating the fire as I want to get the solve right before I move on to smoke. Here are some Quicktimes. Any tips will be very grateful! Ratman: If you achieve something with the particles, please let me know! Regards, Ray flamethrower_TEST_v001.mov flamethrower_TEST_v002.mov
  4. Flamethrower effects?

    Anyone, please?
  5. Flamethrower effects?

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a flamethrower effect in Houdini but so far I cant achieve the look I want. I am aiming for something like this: http://speffects.com/images/postings/flamethrower1.mp4 Currently I use a particle system to flow out and drive the fluids, in this case I use pryo. But somehow, I cant achieve the flamy effect and the last burst of flames in the end. I have attached a scene file which might not be helpful I think. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks. =) Regards, Ray FlamesTest_v006.hipnc
  6. Hi, Has anyone seen the cmivfx VEX Part 2 Tutorials? I am just wondering how did the author comes out with the mathematics and formulas? It seems to me that it has some advance level of mathematics. From the Vex Part 1 Video, I understand that he used vectors and trigo mainly. But for part 2, I can't seem to figure out the mathematics. Anyone care to point out? Regards, Ray
  7. vex_101

    Interesting stuff! Did you start with the advance renderman book straight away or did you read other renderman books before this? I am thinking of getting a book on renderman, so I am considering between this and the renderman shading language guide. I hope to see more of your posts soon! =) regards, Raymond
  8. Fedora Core 12

    Thanks guys, Solved. It was mainly due to having the houdini files inside another folder. =)
  9. Fedora Core 12

    Hi guys, I am trying to get Houdini 10.0 Apprentice working on my fedora 12 but I am facing some problems. At the same time, I manage to install it in ubuntu 9 with no hassle. Fedora 12 uses gcc 4.4.2 and the current houdini apprentice is using gcc 4.1 When I run ./houdini.install in my terminal, I get this error: Installing: Houdini in /opt/hfs10.0.554 ./houdini.install: line 774: [: /root/houdini: binary operator expected ./houdini.install: line 782: [: /root/houdini: binary operator expected Error: this doesn't appear to be a valid houdini package Any ideas anyone? I am new to fedora core too so please be forgiving. Thanks! regards, Raymond
  10. How to emit particles from a displaced surface.

    I'm sorry for this. I got lost. How did petz generate the point cloud file?
  11. FX reel 2009

    Hi, I just compiled this reel during my 2 years of national military service. If you need my resume, cover letter and demoreel breakdown, please feel free to contact me. Regards, Raymond
  12. Andrea Menozzi

    Nice reel andrea!
  13. Awesome Particles Render(Not done by me though)

    Hi Ratman, Maybe you can look into wedge ROP and mantra delay load. Wedge to cache different seeds of sim and mantra to help loading the particles.
  14. Awesome Particles Render(Not done by me though)

    Hi Ratman, How many particles did you use for this? Is there any shader used or they are rendered as points? regards, Raymond
  15. Hi all, I have created an unofficial Singapore Houdini User Group a.k.a SHUG on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=160618185680 So please feel free to join. There might be an upcoming meetup session. Details will be posted in group. Even if you are not born n singapore, or even those are not from singapore but interested, you are welcome to join us as well. Admins, I'm not trying to advertise for facebook or anything. If you feel this thread causes discomfort, please gladly remove it. Regards, Raymond