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  1. Voronoi interior detail

    Thank you very much! I didn't know about this ^^ However this voronoi is also messing up the geometry quite bad - Is there a way to add some noise to the inside pieces group through a primitive vop or something? I see you can output an inside group for interior pieces but I don't know how/where to call the group and apply that noise to it. Appreciate your help!
  2. Voronoi interior detail

    Hello Everyone! I would like to add an interior detail for fractured pieces but I cannot seem to find the option in the voronoi fracture sop even though Houdini knowledge base says exactly this: "you can enable the Add Interior Detail checkbox on the Interior Detail tab of the Voronoi Fracture SOP node. This gives you access to parameters to bricker the flat planes and add some noise." (Link: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/dyno/voronoifracture.html) I also tried using RBD material fracture as an alternative as I can link it to an RBD interior detail but it messes up my geometry and distorts the etched logo so voronoi fracture sop is the cleanest reuslt I was looking for. thank you very much in advance! voronoi.hip logo-galler.ai
  3. Extrusion issue

    Thank you very much! Haven't thought of this obvious solution even though it is not what I am looking for procedurally but I guess it'll do!
  4. Extrusion issue

    Good day everyone! I am still in my baby steps using Houdini so please indulge everything that might seem obvious in my problem ^^ I am following this sidefx tutorial by Tim Van Helsdingen only to apply it to my specific needs (A filled chocolate bar in my case..) anyway.. my issue is that when extruding the geometry to the inside to thicken the chocolate surface it comes rather okay except for the substracted logo/text zone where it goes all over the place creating artifacts and overlapping all over the place.. My noob guess is that it has something to do with the normals for the text area making them go horizontally rather than pushing them down like in the rest of the chocolate bar? PS: Lowering the extrude height is not an option for me as that's the minimum thickness I am allowed to use. I also don't think my workflow/geometry is the most optimized and could be that the previous boolean operations are causing this issue so feel free to point out any tips to improve that! Thank you very much in advance. Blanc_01.hip logo-galler.ai