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  1. Basic particle sim questions

    The points are created in the DOP network, and you can't use the blast node in there to delete the generated points, unfortunately. Alright, so how do I make the POP Instance node use @id instead of @ptnum?
  2. Basic particle sim questions

    Hello, I have two basic questions regarding particle simulations in Houdini. I have a very simple setup, where I make particles emanate from a human base mesh, and instance some simple geometry onto the particles to export the simulation as alembic to 3rd party software (Blender). The first problem is that the simulation seems to duplicate all particles and place them at 0,0,0 global in global space (see the tiny sphere in the picture foreground). This is unwanted, because the geometry from these particles will show up in final render in Blender, and because it makes the simulation heavier than it needs to be. How can I get rid of it? My second problem is that whenever I export the simulation as Alembic (with the setup also shown in the picture), Blender seems to read every particle as an individual object. Is there any way to merge all the geometry into a single object from Houdini before export? There is no option in Blender to make it read the file as a single object. Thanks in advance! //William
  3. Particle stutter effect

    Hello, I'm working on a project, where I want to make particles emanate from a human shaped character, but I want the particle flow to feel as if handdrawn, i.e. with notable 'frames', though I still want them to flow in a fast pace (see attached video example). I can do this in Blender (where I mainly work on the project) by making the particle simulation skip 4 out of 5 frames when I cache it out, and then slow the video down significantly when editing the video later. But this method doesn't work when I want to animate the characters, because then I'd have to take all the retiming into account when doing the animations, and that'd be to big of a hassle. So I'm thinking of a way to set this up in Houdini, so that I can import the animated characters from Blender and add the particles here instead. Using a pretty basic setup with a popsolver in a dop network, I'm thinking the most obvious way to achieve this effect would be to make the simulation really fast, and then somehow make the particles freeze for 4 frames every 5 frames, so that I get a result similar to what I made in Blender, but directly in the simulation instead of having to retime the video material later. Is there a way to make a particle simulation behave like this? Or should I go about it another way? Thanks in advance! //William Skygger_test1_68%.mp4