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  1. Hey everyone, I want to share my HDA. By that tool you can easily create hard surface objects, such as building, spacecraft and other constructions. by it you can generate, delete cut and unite blocks. It's free and I would love if you could use this tool: https://vimeo.com/679178527
  2. Hey, i need to access a sweep node's width parameter with point att (f@width) to change width based on this attribute . it works on some parameter, for example : mountain sop's height parameter can able to acces properly (with f@height ). I don't understand what's the difference, is there some kind of restriction? Please help me, iThank you so much!
  3. Thanks Sepu, but it's the opposite case, I want to create water first and then rbd. Vice versa works well
  4. Thank you for your interest. I upload test hip file to simply see it. rbd_flip_issue.hip
  5. Hello! I want to change Redshift 's emission weight parameter by attribute, but this parameter does not have input to connect it. So, I tried to create attribute of the same name of the parameter , which is emission_weight, but it does not override it. Please help me!
  6. I have rbd and flip objects connection with merge in dopnet. I want to create rbd object several frames after, but it does not interact with already created flip objects properly. I think, at first frame, flip object creates some important things, which don't read rbd object. is there any property to initialize again to solve this issue?