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  1. A little help with how to set it up, a hip file maybe. THank you
  2. I need to create a high poly mesh from a displacement map. any idea how to do that?
  3. When I press save to disk on the bake textures in your file, I get a blank jpeg, all white.
  4. Can I export noise as greyscale image from point VOP?
  5. I push a geometry really hard, until vdbfrompolygon breaks, but that's ok, when it works it's great, when it doesn't, the volume doesn't even show up, tough luck, we move to the next one. So it's a for each loop, and I need to have a roadblock, a checkpoint, where I ask each vdbfrompolygon if there is a volume at all before proceeding to heavier noise computations: - no volume? abort and move to the next one in the loop - there is volume? cool, proceed with the rest of the steps Sometimes there are very tiny bits of volume, these count as no volume for me. I could let it run for all and only collect the good ones at the end and delete the rest, but it didn't sound very Houdini to me, there should be a clever way of only proceeding with the ones that have volume.
  6. thank you, VDB only takes keeps voxels that have a density threshold higher than a default (very small value), and deletes the rest. That I know. But I started from a box, so no matter how clever the vdb is, the box is limiting it (used polygon box then created vdbfrompolygon). That's what I want to avoid since I'm applying a noise that goes beyond the box but gets clipped by the box boundaries. The question is how to give the vdb more room so the noise can express itself with freedom and not get oppressed by the boundaries of the box?
  7. I see some crazy bright spots in the volume, one of them is in the attached screenprint, is this due to negative density? I have tried absolute in the volume vop, it does removes the bright spots but it fills in everywhere with volume, so all the shape work is gone. How do I keep the volume shape and just turn these bright spots into ... not bright spots! but keep the shape as is? Just wanted to add a render, and ask if I should even worry about the bright spots if it looks like this:
  8. When I work on vdbs starting from a geometry, e.g. a box, I get sharp edges on the vdb (representing the boundaries of the box). If I work with volumes, I can add a volume resize, give it some voxel padding (room to breath) and the sharp boundaries are gone. But I want to work with the efficient vdbs. How do I add voxel padding to a vdb? if I try in the vdbfrom polygon using the exterior band voxel, nothing happens the box boundaries remain unchanged, no more space is given to the vdb:
  9. GasDisturb

    I know the older parameters, here is their plain English explanation: disturbance: strength of noise cut off: where density is lower than this number, apply noise block size: how big the noise should be Can someone please the new ones in plain English: threshold range and reference scale. Are these just renamed cut off and block size? but in continuous mode, it's not block size, so what is it?
  10. I have a for each loop that run over each one of these primitives, each has 4 points, (0,1,2,3). I need to create chaos in the order of points so I use sort with random for points, the problem is I get the same change to all of them. How to randomise that?
  11. it's not for RBD/destruction, and it's just a grid. A grid fractured using voronoi but some pieces are very small. A can remove them using "labs delete_small_parts", but that would create gaps in the grid, I need them to stay and be merged with their neighbours.
  12. After a voronoi fracture, I want some tiny pieces to be merged with and become part of their big neighbours. Any guidance on how to approach it?
  13. I have a texture that is 2mx2m, and a grid that is 2,5 high (y) and 5m wide (x), but the grid could be any size, any idea how to keep the projection scale of the texture 2m by 2m no matter how big or small the grid is? In Maya I can use the projection width and projection scale. I'd like to know how to do it in Houdini.
  14. best practices for pyro look dev

    It is just smoke, no fire. I didn't specify the color because I'm still exploring the options, and I'd like to try a few variations (black, white, drak grey, brown..)
  15. I have a smoke simulation and want to render a few versions, are there any best practices for pyro/smoke look dev? in terms of background color, have a backgound wall or not, lighting set up...?