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  1. Transfert attribute color from geo to another geo

    How about the attribute transfer node?
  2. Ocean background render flickering problem

    I've had this in the past, the problem is in the expansion of the geo. I dont remember exactely where it was but i edited the way the ocean grid was extruded to the edges of the screen and that fixed the problem. The original sidefx solution for the extrusion gets weird result with self intersecting geo. Hope this helps.
  3. scan/slice effect problem

    Sure, just resample the curve you got. Or am i missing something here? Cheers,
  4. Ants in a Box

    Fortunatelly i do not have any real ants in my kitchen (just yet) and to be honest i do not intend to invite them neither.
  5. Ants in a Box

    I've done a little bit of r&d on the movement of ants and wanted to make a digital asset based on a particle sim to have something reusable for other objects/projects. Here is the result so far. It's not perfect but i think it could hold up in a real scene. https://vimeo.com/111612886 Curious to hear what you think.
  6. Flip flow Through the Object

    Maybe you could and should be a little bit more specific or show some examples.
  7. VEXpression error

    Use a Pop wrangle, and one of the examples from a point wrangle to get the idea of the if then else statement: int condition = (@P.x > 0) ? 1 : 0; // short form if() test @Cd = set(condition, 0, 0); // write condition into red color Then edit that into something like this: int condition = (@age > 2) ? 1 : 0; // short form if() test f@pScale = set(condition, 0.02, 0.5); // write condition into pScale
  8. Pyro 2 Shader Rendering

    A nice thread on the sesi forum about this: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=28315

    Whoops, i guess i forgot to push the add attachment button. Fixed this.

    You're not feeding dops decent geometry. I'm guessing you are trying to cut up the cup with your for each nodes but the cup itself doesn't have any volume, it's just planes. That wont work. I quickly made some changes to your setup to show you. I hope this will help you. Cheers. 20130703_glass_modified.hip
  11. Debris tool doesnt seems to work

    Hi Dennis, you didn't by accident happen to have forgotten to enable Create Output Groups in the voronoifracture node did you? ;-) Cheers.
  12. Irregular voronoi fracture from egde

    have a look at the bullet masterclass on the sidefx side. Near the end Jeff explains a common way to do so by using a rest sop, adding a mountain sop to roughen up the geometry ( or a vop sop to do so only in the direction perpendicular to the normal of the surface) and then shatter the geometry. After the shatter you reset the points to their rest positions. Pretty straight forward and i believe there is even an example file that comes with it.
  13. Get centerpoint

    Have a look at the centroid expression.
  14. problems with clipSOP and rotateVOP

    Thank you very much Jeff for taking the time to explain this with an example. Very much appreciated. I'm sure it will fill a void in many Houdini users' comprehension of matrices in vops, not just in mine.
  15. problems with clipSOP and rotateVOP

    Hi Ezz, What i've done is move the part that needs to be folded to the origin, then use your vopsop to rotate the points in it, and then move it back to it's original position. Hardly an elegant solution because i'm pretty sure someone who is a bit more math-savvy then i am will be able to rotate around a point in the vopsop but at least it works. You should however keep the distance in the clip at 0, or else you need to translate the points along the normal by that amount. I need to get more acquainted with the math in this... folder_v002.hipnc