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  1. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    getcomp(vector(point(1,"P",@ptnum)),1) Should works
  2. Controlling Focus Distance

    Hey, Also , you can find the distance between camera and arbitrary point in SOP level and then fetch it as your Focus distance value. See attached example. Hope it help. focus_distance1.hipnc
  3. One of the way, is to use Pre-render script to assign shader until render start.
  4. **VEX NOOB** create random float values

    By default rand function creates a random number between 0 and 1 from a seed. Multiply this value i@rand_num = int(rand(@ptnum)*10); or use fit function i@rand_num = int(fit(rand(@ptnum), 0, 1, 0, 10)); And also in your example you used a @numpt as seed (which is return total number of points). Hope it's help.
  5. Python - Maximise Viewport

    Hi. I don't know how it will useful for you but i do this in H15 by changing desktop. I created desktop preset which is fullscreen, etc. and choose it when my flipbook start. desktops = dict((i.name(), i) for i in hou.ui.desktops()) desktops['Desk_name'].setAsCurrent() Hope it's help. Thanks, Vitalii
  6. Upres CVEX volume

    You can check the cloud rig from shelf. That good example from sesi. Hope this help you.
  7. Hi everyone. Any ideas to make the same style fluid emission. Help me please.
  8. question about bubble style emission

    solution is found thanks for your attention.
  9. Hi Mantra ignores the bounding box object. The render result varies depending on the Mplay Tile Order (vm_image_mplay_direction)" parameter, and not correct always. houdini 12.0.717 Linux64 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (linux-x86_64-gcc4.4) OpenGL renderer GeForce GTX 460/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL version 4.2.0 NVIDIA 295.20 Who knows what's up? fur_ifd_bounds.hipnc
  10. Procedural's bounds work strangely

    fur should be just inside the box only. And we see her outside.
  11. Procedural's bounds work strangely

    please submit from mantra ROP. don`t use IPR! this is similar mantra bug
  12. frame.$F4.exr after the point, mantra automatically will add the name of the current eye. filename will be "frame.left.0001.exr" and "frame.right.0001.exr"
  13. fur and reflections

    Hi. How can I speed up rendering fur and reflection with mantra. any information please something about fake methods ???))) Thanks.