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  1. Hello, Guys, a huge noob question. I fractured a house of bricks twice with Boolean so one amount would be stronger than the other. But my attribute "name" from the Connect Adjacent Pieces are overlapping one another. How can I created a new one so both the geometries be interlinked?
  2. Delay Time Offset Extrusion

    Will take a look. Thanks.
  3. Guys, could you help me with a problem that i am having with my extrusion set up? Still learning how to deal with Houdini all by myself rsrs. I was able to isolete my primitives using a color node and VEX, but all of them extrude uniformly at the same time. I wanna know if it is possible to give a small delay between extrusions so one finish extruding before another and not together. Sending the file. Thanks in advance. Robo-Cubos_2.hip