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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use material style sheets to change each instance of a sphere, preferable using groups. I have set up a test scene using a sphere with 2 groups, 1 for the top half and 1 for the bottom. I've instanced this sphere onto a simple grid. I have seen the H15 Masterclass on style sheets and have setup style sheets in my test scene, these work when the sphere is copied using a 'copytopoints' sop with 'pack and instance' checked. When using a single 'pack' sop the style sheets seem to treat all instances as one, not separately. Ultimately I would like to use Style Sheets to change a group's color to a different color but per instance, so each instance is unique. I did not want to use the 'copytopoints' sop as I am using Redshift to render and Redshift does not work with it, only with the Instance Object. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Nic. Instancing - Stylesheets.hip