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  1. hi does anyone know what causes "Segmentation Fault"?? i sometime encounter this error when saving file or switching between operators, esp to COPs.....will be prompt when COPs trying to re-cook the image. is it bec of my setting or hardware?? anyone of u also got this problem also?? thanx!
  2. Segmentation Fault.........

    bec i am using multi-display, and previously the setting was set to "single-display mode" which cos the problem, now set to "multi-display compatibility mode" and the problem gone.
  3. hi, i am trying to apply some effects and animations into my video, but not quite sure how to do it inside houdini. can anyone tell me how should i go about doing it in houdini? like camera, light matching, ref point etc... thanks!!
  4. Composite animation into video?

    find a way that allow camera matching for houdini.....this software call "boujou" from 2d3 can do camera tracking and able to export all camera data into .hip file. the .hip file will hav houdini camera and grid match to the actually camera angle!! great
  5. Segmentation Fault.........

    i solve the problem by changing my opengl setting for my display card...... as my option for "multi-display hardware acceleration" has set wrongly. so far didn't get any error, when i re-cook inside COPs thanx guys!!
  6. Composite animation into video?

    i try using COPs, but seems like is more for 2D compositing and not 3D compositing..... if u familiar with 3ds max, there is a function call "camera match" to orientate the 3D perspective/grid to match the angle of the real video camera of the video clips, so that 3D animation can be apply into the video clip that will be on the same level of perspective. i did also try using a background image in SOPs, but self orientating the grid to match the actual perspective in the video clip is very hard n not accurate. does houdini has similar function like "camera match", or is there any other way to align my viewport to the same angle to the real video camera of the clip??