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  1. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    Thanks for the hip file @jacksper. Sorry that I couldn't respond quickly. Just saw the reply. I guess it's only for higher input velocities. when the velocity is not enough, the collision is taking over and I am ending up with the same artifacted result. I've ended up ignoring the collisions, placing the emitter a bit outside the shell. It seems to be working just fine. Thanks again for you time!
  2. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    Thanks for the links @Follyx. The issue rises only when I'm trying to collide with the shell I have. Without the collision, the particle doesn't have any stepping issue even with single substep. I've used the lerp method many times. But in this case, it just gonna ignore the collisions. I guess I need to ignore collisions for this one. As the motion is happening so fast, maybe I can get away with it or I can simply kill those particles which are colliding using pop collision detect. That seems to be working. Thanks again for your time. I'll try to find more resources.
  3. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    Thank you so much for the link @Sepu. And Thank you so much for your time and hip file @Atom. It was great help checking the file while watching the video. I had to watch it multiple times as a lot of terms just flew over my head. It's a superb approach. But, as stated by Atom, It's not giving me the exact flow which I am looking for. Especially during the ground interaction, it completely breaks down. I'll try with substeps and point jitter but I guess it's gonna be costly. Do you think I can slow down the whole simulation so that we can have ample amount of time for particles to react? And any thoughts of using external forces(pop curve...)? Thanks again for timely response.
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to emit color smoke from a shell. I thought a good particle emission will help with the volume source from which I can emit my pyro. But, I am currently stuck at one stage where I am unable to get a nice and smooth particle flow. A lot of stepping!! I've attached the images, the effect I am trying to achieve (for reference) and also the hip file. It might seem like a simple solution to someone out there. Please struck me with some knowledge! Thanks!! Color smoke ref.mp4 Color_Smoke.v68.hipnc