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  1. H16 ocean render artifacts - grid

    Thx for reiterating bounds again mate. I had played around with it before but that didn't get me anywhere. Trying it again with quite a bit higher bounds ended up working :). cheers
  2. Hi All, got a bit of a weird one I can't seem to be able to figure out ... maybe long days/nights ... who knows. So using the new H16 ocean tools, I am writing out a spectra and then masks per frame to disk (each seperate via a split sop). They are created by merged ocean spectrum sops (both displacing same grid and they even have the same resolution). When I render using the default oceansurface shader using a low res grid with the same size as the one used for the ocean spectrums I get this grid-like renderartifact shown in the image below. Setting the renderflag to the ocean evaluate, I don't get these issues. I have played around with displacement bounds but maybe not enough?! What am I missing? Gotta be some thing stupid I am doing here somewhere! any help appreciated cheers
  3. Pyro FX tutorial now Online!

    hm, did this tutorial ever appear online somewhere? Must have missed it cheers rodpacker
  4. Hi, I remember watching a tute a while back that used a smart way of "upresing" a fluid-volume on SOP-level using a vopsop that applied noise based on normals, but cannot remember how exactly/which tute has anybody seen this / can point me to the right direction? highly appreciated!
  5. "particleFluid - staticRBD" collision distance to high

    I posted this to the SeSi-forum as well and Michiel got back to me with the following: While I was running tests on higher particle count over the weekend - not expecting such a quick fix he had already posted this a day after his first reply: That's what I call great customer service and support THX SideEffects
  6. upres for particle fluids?

    Hi Jacob, thanks a lot for your suggestion. Sounds very interesting!! Unfortunately I am still quite a newbie to Houdini and the good ol' "Tab"-menue didn't allow me to put down a velocity field node in the PoP-Net of the particle fluid object. Could you by any chance walk me through this a bit more in depth please? thanks a lot for you help cheers rodpacker
  7. Hi guys, I'm needing to fill a logo with liquid and choose particle fluids as they seem to give me the nicest splashes. As it is a logo it needs to be represented possibly accurate. Luckily on this one I should get away with a fairly low-res particle count. I am having two problems with this: 1. if I use a fairly low particle separation of e.g. 0.25 the particle fluid seems to be blocked from falling down through my e.g. "S" (see attachment) as if the staticRBD collision wasn't set up right. However looking at it (by displaying) it shows the collision geo just fine. Also if I use a higher particle res e.g. particle separation of 0.1 the flow is just fine. Can anybody tell me what that is and how to fix it? Or do I just have to use the higher particle res? 2. as shown in attached image, the particles don't seem to be colliding right on the border of the collision geometry rather then having something like a buffer zone (marked bright green in a few areas in the screenshot) I have looked into various options to fix this and came up with: - the VOLUME OFFSET under the collisions TAB of the particleFluid-DOP, but I cannot seem to b able to set a negative value in order to get it closer to the actual RBD geo borders - the OFFSET SURFACE setting in the collision->volume tab of the static RBD I am using, but looking at the font and the fact that then the letters would cut into each other doesn't make me think that's the way to go either As a last back up I guess I could have a relatively wide (e.g. high Point Radius Scale or Surface Distance in the particle fluid surface SOP) mesh and then subtract over-standing geo with a cookie node and the original font. However this does seem to be more of a "Maya-solution" rather then the logical work flow I am used to from Houdini. Is there a "reduce collision distance" - slider somewhere I haven't found? Or what other ways can be used to do this? cheers for ur help rodpacker
  8. upres for particle fluids?

    Hi Rick, thanks a lot for the tip, I will definitely have a look into this! I've been looking for a info on the topic While this very promising for future projects, license limitations bind me to one machine on this project. Is there a decent looking way of "faking" higher particle count by e.g. copystamping the simmed result? The closest I've come is resimming the same simulation with slightly different jitter seed settings and then merging these cached sim files together before meshing, but I am still thinking copy-stamping with a decent algorithm should get at least similar results. Just haven't come up with one of these yet . Has anybody here gone down this route? Any ideas? thanks a lot rodpacker
  9. upres for particle fluids?

    Hi guys, I'm in need of creating some "heavy/high res" particle fluid sims with no time to simulate them, so I am looking for cpu inexpensive ways of increasing particle count before meshing. I have tried a few things like copy stamping or the point sop, but even using rand-values for the copies makes the copies look too uniform (maybe I just didn't use the right generation algorithm?!?!). Has anybody had any success down this road? Any help appreciated My next thought is to use something like the new UpRes-node, but the manual suggests that node only works on voxels?! Is there a way of using it for particle fluids? thanks a lot for your help cheeers rodpacker
  10. The funniest thing is that in their plugin download directory where they have listed a plugin for Houdini 9.5 they directly link to http://www.digitalcinemaarts.com/ ... LOL source:http://www.realflow.com/descg_240107_02.htm Nice one
  11. Hi Dennis, THANKS A LOT FOR THE TIP WITH RIPTIDE!!!! That one is worth gold. Been looking for an obj sequence exporter for C4D for ages without success. As for the camera I got it working by now after playing around for another while. The camera in my scene is swinging around a lookAt object quite randomly and with the extreme-ish fisheye used (12mm) every minimalistic discrepancy sticks out as if it was a massive error. Funnily enough while exporting via collada doesn't take any of the camera settings along, FBX does take those settings along. Strange thing is that e.g. 12.640mm in C4D is converted to 12.6037mm. However I ended up playing around with the collada version and manual entry and got it to work. Thanks a lot again cheers Rodpacker
  12. Hi guys, for a current project I am getting a C4D scene (a basic font, a basic camera animation (hand animated;not along a spline), a basic three light setup) and I will have to chuck in some effects using Houdini so I am trying to get the scene into Houdini somehow. I haven't had any success using FBX so far (due to the scene setup as well as the missing rescale option in the fbx importer). I have had some success using Collada. However, unfortunately lights don't come across perfectly, which I, looking at the different app setup, expected to happen. That one is a doable fix though. The more important bit is the camera that also doesn't port over properly. It seems like the position animation comes across just fine, BUT neither focal length, aperture, resolution, ... come across. Manually typing in the values gets me VERY close but still a tiny bit off, so before I waste another couple days readjusting each parameter trying to match two renders, I was wondering if anybody here has done something similar before and could point me into the right direction. Help - as always - highly appreciated cheers rodpacker
  13. Andrew, this is awesome!!!!! Exactly what I need. Great work cheers rodpacker
  14. NoobQuestion: Materialising RippleSolverOutcome?

    Steven, thanks mate, works like a charm!!! I tried the object merge before but I guess I must have had the syntax wrong (how & wherever that would have been possible ) Anyways Thanks again.... Will post it at SeSi now rodpacker
  15. Hi, I am almost embarrassed to ask, but I can't seem to figure it out. I thought I knew how to use dopImports with particle and volumetric fluids, however I cannot figure out how to get them to work with the ripple solver. Or is there another workaround needed for this. Could somebody please point me in the right direction? Highly appreciated BTW sorry for posting it here and at the SideFX forum, just need to get it done and haven't got much response there yet. cheers rodpacker