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  1. Figured it out; just putting the solution down in case someone else encounters the same problem. 1. On way of solving was to make another volume source in the pyro and have it source a 0 (zero) velocity volume that is placed in the region that needs to be slowed down. 2. It also worked (faster than the above) by using the velocity from the sop geo in the dop; make the geo -> iso offset -> scatter throughout the volume and then add some 0 velocity. Hope the above helps to anyone who encounters the same problem
  2. Hi all, I am working on a large scale explosion and as the explosion evolves over time I am loosing the nice looking billowy detail on the neck and at the bottom of the explosion. I have tried a few things but without success and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with a similar scenario. Should I be making a custom velocity field and then scale it up as the explosion evolves or possibly use a drag force that will be bounded just in the lower segment of the explosion ? Any suggestions and experiences are much appreciated Thank you
  3. Metaballs - scaling with age

    Thx a lot for Doc, as you've said it's much more convenient as I don't have to change the expression if do any changes to the lifespan. Thx & all best
  4. Metaballs - scaling with age

    He, he...Illusionist...unbeliavable how long has it been since I've actively participated on a forum; growing old I guess - can't differentiate between ranks and usernames Thank you for the advice Netvudu; gotta swing by your tavern for an ale All best
  5. Metaballs - scaling with age

    Hi Illusionist, thank you for your very fast reply; it worked like a charm and I am in debt. Really I mean it, anytime you have any questions in connection to any Maya stuff I will share my experience and do my best to try and return the favour Kind Regards, crovfx
  6. Metaballs - scaling with age

    Hi everyone, firstly I would like to say that I've seen some truly wonderful work on this forum and as a transferring Maya -> Houdini artist many times I was left in awe; Houdini truly is a way of thinking. For now I had more luck drawing on my shake node based experience than on years of actively using Maya Now I am presented with a problem of creating a dusty trail; I went through the fx tools heavy smoke setup but I still do have a question because I am not clear on this: How to scale the metaballs radius based on particle's age. I have some ideas, but again, my knowledge of Houdini operators is still very limited so I'll better keep quiet . Also, what would be the recommended way of shading the metaballs once the motion is done, taking into account life opacity etc. Thank you everyone and hopefully one day I'll be in the position to return the favour Best regards. - P.S. - All Maya fluids, FumeFX & Realflow questions are welcomed (willing to send you a setup if necessary).