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  1. Is it possible to render on one pc that has the 'supplementary' (not another, second indie license) license installed, while continuing to work on another shot (sim) on my main pc with the indie license ? That way i don’t lose time to wait to render and only to continue when its finished. Because as far as i understood the terms, with one Indie license there comes the supplementary license for use on second pc, but it states that only one indie can be run at the time - so is the solution for this to render using a command line tool? Also, does this work with 3rd party render engines?
  2. Is there any benefit from one method over the other? (doing this in dop vs in sop)
  3. @Yader @nicoladanese Hello everybody. I am trying to figure out this setup but i am a bit confused. What does specifically the solver sop and ql version of the pointdeform do? How come is the solver sop acting as a rest by simpling merging it with duplicate 0 input which are scattered points? Why is rest position needed here in the first place?
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