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  1. crowd tutorial

    Great, thanks el_diablo! Very glad to see this tutorial is still relevant many years later. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
  2. crowd tutorial

    Bruno, that's very strange. Everytime does not touch the sound, so I am surprised you see this happening. Thanks for figuring out a work around anyway. Can you let me know which os you are using?
  3. crowd tutorial

    Hi Oscar, I can't unfortunately try it here, as I dont have Houdini on my current setup. But all the attributeDisplay otl does is transferring the attribute onto color or normal, in VOP. So that should be easy to reproduce.
  4. crowd tutorial

    Thanks Juan and Nomad. Yes, I really try and explain my choices, or why I decide to solve the problem in a certain way. Sometimes there are so many possible solutions, it is always good to step back and evaluate them a bit before rushing into one. Very glad you liked it so far. Feel free to let me know what you think once you've seen it all Guillaume
  5. crowd tutorial

    Hello folks, I just made public a crowd tutorial. Some of you might remember my attempt at a otl/tutorial marketplace called vfxtoolbox, where I was initially selling it. It is now free to watch, on Everytime: https://www.everytim...rojects/588-VFX Everytime is a another web app I built, that allows people to bookmark any moments in any media. So in this case, it is very useful to add chapters to videos I have imported from vimeo. That allows you to jump to a specific moment of the tutorial easily. For instance, this points to a moment where I demonstrate some CHOP filtering: https://www.everytim...of-clip-changes Using those chapters should make things easier for viewers, so they can watch the tutorial bit by bit, or even comment on each section, in order to ask questions or share opinions. This tutorial was made using houdini version 10, but it still is completely usable and contains quite a few tricks during its ~4h, so I hope you ll enjoy it. It comes with a few otls, which I give the links to in the comments here: https://www.everytim...09-final-render
  6. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks a lot to all who registered to vfxtoolbox so far, I appreciate a lot your enthousiasm. I am now having as priority to make it a bit faster and stable, now that it is experiencing some heavy load. Hopefully that should be sorted soonish. Thanks a lot to people who purchased my first crowd tutorial. I really hope you will find it instructive. This success encourages me to make more tutorials. Feel free to share your thoughts/comments about it in the dedicated forum at the bottom of the page. I am really hoping this will encourage you to share your work on this platform!
  7. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks lisux. Expect more tutorials during this year
  8. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks Peter. I am looking forward to see you publish some tools. We should also meet at some point, since I work only one block away from you.
  9. VFXtoolbox

    cheers for that yes, you could be right. Using custom attributes or a rest pos could just do it. Feel free to submit anything even if you dont get all they way, it does not need to be perfect. At least you ll get some feedback and therefore more brain power to help all along. Good luck, I am quite curious to see this working.
  10. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks for the feedback 0rr. About adding an "Hip File" tool type, I am not entirely sure that is the right thing. My main concern really is to keep the site as simple as possible. Currently there are allready 3 types of tools (operators, tutorials and code), along with projects. I dont feel confortable adding another type yet. Time might prove that is the right thing to do, but I dont want to jump on this yet. Someone else also suggested I add a category for Shelves, but the code category can be a good place for them for instance. For hip file, you could either create a project (there are "experiment" or "personal" project categories) or a tutorial (they dont have to be paying like the only one currently there). Would that suit you for now? I created the projects as a way to "market" your tools, so people can see where it has been used, but that does not have to be only that way. A lot of people like to show some tests or experiments and that can perfectly be in projects. Do you mean crowded in your personal uploaded files? Currently there is no way to sort files in your personal list, but that is quite high on my list. You will be able to filter them by name and type. Is it what you mean? I personnaly have more than hundred files in there, so that s a feature I myself need allready. So that will definitely be there at some point. As for tags for files, I dont think this is needed (yet!). I am waiting to see if that is still needed when basic filtering options will be there.
  11. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks! Glad you like it. I also found that demonstrating this simple per-point custom blend is a good way to introduce houdini to new comers. It shows how easily you can customize it. As for volume blending, I had some thoughts about it (mainly to retime them) but I could not go further than just do a simple mix. How could you blend 2 different volumes? I am curious to see what you can come up with.
  12. VFXtoolbox

    Just go ahead, I ll be very glad if that website gives you inspiration and motivation I personally agree, but that's entirely up to the project creator (not me), in this case Cayus. I dont want to enforce any presentation practice, so I ll let anyone decide how to create/present tools and projects. I am sure some common good practice will emerge with time and people will tend to follow them. Thanks for taking the time to make this clear. Again I entirely agree. The reason I designed this gallery like this was more thought towards a list of video, which you can give a description to. I think it works ok for the crowd tutorial when you have several video (but let me know if you think that could also be improved) but that does not work at all for images. So I ll have a think if images should be presented differently than videos or if both should be designed differently. But that is down on my list, so expect it to stay like this for some time still. That is not a browser issue, problem is the same in all browsers. But I have not work on this website for IE at all (only firefox, chrome and opera), assuming most of houdini users would be on linux. I see now that was a wrong assumption I am aware of a few more UI issues, like the tags overflowing for Clash of the Titans but I currently consider those issues as low priority, since they dont stop anyone from using the website. But I am still more than happy to hear any feedback like this, this will definitely help, it is just that I wont be able to act upon it in a near future. You re not being picky at all, I find your comments entirely constructive giving a nice user experience is really key to have people use this website and share their work and, what's even more important I think, attract more people in the houdini community. I just noticed some connection issues I could not identify the reason of. so I am afraid this can happen again until I find out why. This is the first time this website experiences a regular high load, so bear with me while I get this all stable. In the mean time I ll just restart apache on the regular basis, that will be a temporary fix. That is now high on my list Thanks for all your comments anyway. Really dont hesitate to give more feedback. I should mention there is also a support page (accessible through the top menu Help->Support) that might be more suitable for issues that require a long discussion. Feel free to open posts over there as well.
  13. VFXtoolbox

    Thanks for the kind words and sorry about the slowness, this can happen sometimes. Although there are some more optimisations I could work on, they are quite low on my list. But most pages should take less than 5 seconds to load, the average time being quite lower than that. But if there are several simultaneous connections, that could make things slower. Let me know if your page feel the pages take more than 5 sec to load, I try and find out why.
  14. VFXtoolbox

    Hi Georg, I had not mentionned it directly to David Mucci I think, so good to know work of mouth was allready in progress
  15. VFXtoolbox

    Hello! I would like to share with you a website I have been working on for some time: www.vfxtoolbox.com It is dedicated to houdini tools and tutorials, where anyone can distribute whatever is related to houdini, such as otls, code, tutorials and projects. Think of it as a sidefx exchange on steroids, where you can distribute your work for free, but also sell it. I have personally published several operators, available for free, and one crowd system video tutorial (3h40 of HD videos) for $29. I intend to publish more free operators/code and projects I have worked on over the following months as well as several paying tutorials. Anyone who is interesting in publishing some work, just give it a go, no need to ask permission. You are entitled to 100Mo for free as soon as you register. It is not yet possible to subscribe for more (the website still is beta), but just send me an email for now. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think. Nothing is set in stone yet and I d love to hear your feedback about this website and its content.