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  1. Viewport/Camera background image plane

    Hi guys, This is a very newbie question, but here it goes. I have a photograph for which I want to model some simple geometry over it and do something fun like rigid bodies. Basically get some more Houdini workflow experience. I know how to set a background image for a certain camera (by using the Roto), but what I was searching was something in the lines of the Maya image plane node. I would like to be able to, when switching to the default perspective camera, to still see my background plane as projected plane over there so I could have a notion of depth when modelling. Furthermore I was also searching for a sort of X-ray option so I can see my geo and background at the same time (X-ray doesn't seem to work when I have a background plate). Sorry for the long text. Cheers.
  2. Mantra Procedural SHOP

    Hi guys! I'm trying to pass some params from my SHOP that provides the GUI to my procedural but I'm getting the following error: mantra: unknown parameter 'geo_name' mantra: unknown parameter 'width' My procedural looks like this: static VRAY_ProceduralArg pargs[] = { VRAY_ProceduralArg("geo_name", "string", ""), VRAY_ProceduralArg("width", "real", ""), VRAY_ProceduralArg() }; VRAY_Procedural * allocProcedural(const char *) { return new VRAY_MyProc(); } const VRAY_ProceduralArg * getProceduralArgs(const char *) { return pargs; } and I created a new Operator Type of SHOP Type where the shader name is MyProc and the render mask is VMantra. I've also added the two parameters with the same name to the SHOP. Any clues of what might be happening? Hope I didn't miss any detail. Cheers
  3. OBJ tree iterator

    Got it Thanks Ed!
  4. OBJ tree iterator

    Hi guys! This might be a shot in the dark but is there any HDK class that allows to traverse the Houdini tree (I'm only mostly interested in the OBJ's) sort of like in the Maya API: MItDag? Thanks
  5. Render primitive only in wireframe

    Thanks Just did it. I thought the actual primitives could have some render mode depending on the houdini shading... oh well... just had to lose a bit more time drawing circles.
  6. Render primitive only in wireframe

    In some cases yes, like drawing a line or a plane (just repeating the last point). But in the particular case of a GU_PrimSphere doesn't seem to work. I'm building a sphere like this: GU_PrimSphereParms params; params.gdp = gdp; params.xform = UT_DMatrix4::getIdentityMatrix(); params.ppt = ppt; params.type = GEO_PATCH_ROWCOL; // // Represent the joint simply as a geo sphere // GEO_Primitive* prim = GU_PrimSphere::build( params ); On the params.type I've tried all cases but {GEO_PATCH_TRIANGLE, GEO_PATCH_QUADS}. There doesn't seem to be an option for "open". It makes sense since there is no such thing as an open sphere. When I toggle to wireframe mode I get 2 circles and a cross, which I would like to have all the time. Any clues? I guess it's one of those Houdini "hidden" functions...
  7. Hi! I'm creating a bunch of primitives (GU_PrimPoly, GEO_PrimSphere, etc...), but I would like for them to be rendered only in wireframe (like a control SOP) independently of the current Shading Mode. Is there any flag I can set to render them like that? Thanks
  8. Exporting channels to menu's

    Well, I assume nobody knew the answer.. Anyway, I got a reply from SESI which said the following: "CHOPs can only export to animatable float parameters. In H9, it's possible to keyframe integer parameters now, that means that you can access this parameter through a chop() expression (not through the export flag)"
  9. Hi! I'm exporting a channel from a CHOP to a node menu parameter, e.g., my CHOP exports a channel called 'projection' to a camera node (which has a parameter with the same name). However I can't get it set. Is this a bug or is there any way of doing this? If I try to fetch the channels from a camera node I get that channel, so shouldn't it be possible the opposite? The same happens with toggle buttons... Thanks
  10. Custom Camera issues

    Thanks a lot for the tip. I went to check it out as I saw it and forgot to answer . Cheers
  11. Hi! I have a custom chop (HDK) that creates a set of channels meant to be exported to a camera node outside the CHOP network. I set the export object as the camera node: ../..cam1 on the GUI and I set the export and display flags. However, my camera only gets those values if I toggle the export flag off and on (which makes it cook). It also works when I wire a Null CHOP and use that chop to export it to the camera. As I want to make it work standalone, is there any flag sort of like flags().setTimeDependent() that makes it cook and respetively export the values? I've tried the setAlwaysCook() on the cookMyChop() but it didn't work Sad Thanks
  12. Hi guys! I'm creating my custom camera node derived from OBJ_Camera. I want to expose the basic camera params - under the Transform, Render, View and Sampling folders - but I only get the first 2 tabs. I'm creating a template pair to pass to OP_Oprtator constructor, and the code (in short) looks like this: ... obj_template = OBJ_Camera::getTemplateList(OBJ_PARMS_PLAIN); size = PRM_Template::countTemplates( obj_template ); theTemplate = new PRM_Template[size + 1]; // add +1 for sentinel for( i = 0; i < size; i++ ) { theTemplate[i] = obj_template[i]; theTemplate[i].getToken( parm_name ); cout << "Adding: " << parm_name << endl; copyParmWithInvisible( obj_template[i], theTemplate[i] ); } ... I was expecting to get all the params (for the view and sampling), but my "Adding" comment only outputs the ones under Transform and Render, and therefore I only get those on the GUI. Any clues how to get those?
  13. Erroring out

    Already got the answer from Edward (don't know if the same as in this forum ) in another forum. #include <OP/OP_Error.h> opError(OP_ERR_ANYTHING, "my message");
  14. Erroring out

    Do you guys know how to do it for OBJ's? There's not generic code for it Thanks
  15. Lol. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Well, it's pretty simple, I have a custom importer node, derived from OBJ_Null which acts as a bake format importer. Then, the SOP that I mentioned, when connected to the importer, gets the geo. Anyway, I did what you said, and it's working just fine . Thanks a lot for all the help. It's pretty hard to get documentation on HDK :S (as everyone knows...). Cheers