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  1. Subdivide the result of a boolean. Issues.

    thanks @AntoineSfx that helped. @vicvvsh thanks, it makes sense, your post made me think about another possible, procedural solution, beveling first the individual elements and only afterwards running the boolean operations. It can generate quite a clean mesh.
  2. Subdivide the result of a boolean. Issues.

    Thanks @AntoineSfx, I just tried your method and it's quite neat. Haven't thought about it. Here I am with the noob frustration of the day, I can't possibly figure out a way to procedurally generate a mesh that will behave nicely while beveling the outer edges, in the gif you see the issue. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Subdivide the result of a boolean. Issues.

    wow. both solutions work. thanks, this was so helpful! Saving here here screenshots of the two solutions in case anyone bumps into similar problems. @Atom the OpenSubdivLoop Subdivide option works without further workarounds, it does generate messy topology @vicvvsh topology is perfect by setting Sliced arc on the Circle sop and fusing post Boolean
  4. (Hello! first post, been learning H for a month, this forum is amazing) What I'm doing: a boolean between two polygonal circles produces a flat ring, I polyextrude it into a solid ring (Fig. 2), then polybevel the side edges (Fig. 3). 1) Problem is, when I try to subdivide it I get weird meshes like the one in Fig 4. It looks like the mesh coming from the boolean SOP is not 'joined/consolidated'. 2) How can I end up with edges where I drew the red lines on the beveled ring screenshot? I tried many combinations of join/fuse and other nodes, checked forums and docs but I can't figure out how to avoid ending up with a cheese wheel shape. Hip attached. cheers boolean issues.hipnc