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  1. FarCry 5 Cinematics

    Blur Studio in Los Angeles.
  2. Isolating multi objects without packing

    Hi. You can create an attribute called "piece" (assign @ptnum) on your template points, and activate "Use Template Point Attributes" to transfer them onto each copy. Then attribute-promote "piece" to primitives, and do the For-Each by using attribute "piece".
  3. Viewport xform Python expression

    You'd need to extract translation & rotation from that matrix, Like, for tx: import toolutils viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() viewport = viewer.curViewport() xform = viewport.viewTransform() return xform.extractTranslates()[0] for ry: import toolutils viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() viewport = viewer.curViewport() xform = viewport.viewTransform() return xform.extractRotates()[1] etc.
  4. why the smoke continue emitting

    It does stop emitting, Turn up the "Dissipation" on the pyrosolver very high (like 500000) to see the emitted smoke disappear right away, so you can check the emission.
  5. Packed Primitives Intrinsics

    Hi there, I'm also going through this now, and even though I scale the packed primitives, I can't get the bullet collision shapes to scale. Has anyone solved this yet? Cheers,
  6. Memo selam, hoşgeldin :-) Hscript is indeed a bit too odd to decrypt. I'll give more direct answers to your questions. For "is there a beter way", I'm sure there are a million of them, and it looks like mantragora's method of storing python modules in the OTL might be one. Q1) chs() automatically expands the strings, so $OS gets replaced as you query it. ( http://goo.gl/OBHxQy ) You need to query the unexpanded string, then expand within the new node. So in python, so can do it like: hou.expandString( hou.parm("../NULL_CONTROLLER/parm").unexpandedString() ) (And to be able to use python expressions, you used to need to put a keyframe first, I think that is still the case) Q2) I guess I would either traverse a ready-made node tree with python and assign the values, or just build the node-trees from scratch using python, putting in the expressions as you go. Q3) This is also quite easier to do in a python expression, as: hou.parm( "../../full_path%d" %hou.parm( "index").eval() ).eval() Best of luck in your houdini adventures!
  7. Volume Modeling Plug-in

    In case anyone is trying to get a render going, you need to feed it points with: * Cd (non-black) * density (non-zero) * pscale (non-zero) Any ideas about the final price range?
  8. Here it is compiled for 12.5.399 PRT_RopDriver.zip
  9. Bypass toggle

    You can toggle a switch, which evaluates or skips your bypass-node as its inputs.
  10. I also solved this in the past using a switch node. Basically you need to switch between "objectA", "objectB", and "a merge-node that merges objectA &objectB". Add more merges and switches for more complicated visibilities.
  11. Learning microsolvers

    Christmas has come early :-) http://robotika.com....solvers_dev.rar
  12. Orient copies to normals

    You can use the attributeTransfer SOP. ParticleOrientNormal.v02.hipnc
  13. scatter points inherit image colour

    Wow, yeah, that really is slow. Try using a Color Map VOP in a VOPSOP. See attached. environmentSpherePointLightInstancing_cosku.v01.hip
  14. Mountain SOP by definition "displaces points along their normals", so if you add a Point SOP before the Mountain and Add Normals of "0,1,0" you should see them displaced. Cheers
  15. Creating a Water Canon Effect....

    You'd need to compute the normals before going into POPs, and then use $NX,$NY,$NZ as velocity instead of 0,1,0 in your Source POP. normal_velocity_02.hipnc