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  1. MTL To Redshift Material

    Thanks Atom, your insanely helpful on this forum! Your answer implies there is a better place to modify the path rather than that IF statement? This part of the script is the only example of #select MTL Is there a way of finding the MTL path in a material network? I only find the Houdini path for a material network i.e. /obj/KB3D_NeoCities/ So I need to set n = 0 because I only want it to process a single material networks Where do I find the file name to point to the material network I want to process everything inside? Again I really apologise for being really incomprehensed by this
  2. Permission Denied?

    Yeah I'd love to over ride. All the nodes I make in the Mixamo Take as still permission denied when I re-open Houdini in Mixamo Take despite having been previously perfectly editable in the Mixamo take before. The workaround is going back into the Main take but this is simply no longer your scene so you are working blind. This is feeling a lot like a bug rather than a feature. H 18.0.416
  3. MTL To Redshift Material

    Sorry are there any tips on how to do the path change? I'm guessing I've got it completely wrong here? Sorry I am a bit of a noobie
  4. fbx sequence importing

    This works if you have a single material to cover your entire object. When I import an FBX from Mixamo I have half a dozen materials; hair, eyes, Bodymat etc. I've watched the video above and she seems to also just have a single material to assign at OBJ level. For the life of me I still can't texture a Mixamo import with its FBX materials using agent. I think I am missing something really obvious.
  5. Redshift Compositing

    I've been trying the RS sprite node but unfortunately I can't seem to make the alpha channel invisible.
  6. Redshift Compositing

    If I want it to still light everything apartfrom my card would it be? * ^/obj/mycard only this doesn't work.
  7. Redshift Compositing

    THANKS SO MUCH! Amazing
  8. Redshift Compositing

    I apologize for my newness to Houdini. I am doing a personal project where I take a still from the sports shoots I do and go a bit mental in Houdini + REDSHIFT. I cut the image out and hold it to camera as a card. I use the RScolorsplitter to give me an Alpha chanel and mask it in the material tab. However my "card" gets effected by lighting in the scene. I want to light my scene to the card and not have it colourshift about. The material node alone does all sorts to the colourshift of the card. I've discovered that pluging in the texturesampler straight into the output redshift material circumventing the RS material node gives me exactly what I want however I now lose the alpha cutting out mask. I've started a whole IMG compositing tab and used op:/img/comp1/OUT in my texture sampler to try and get the mask going in the compositing tab but to no avail. This would be an ideal route as I could then do a little bit of tweaking to the image in Houdini. Anyone know how I can have my card retain its photoshop fidelity, be unaffected by lighting and focus using redshift in Houdini. I don't want to recomposite back out to photoshop unless I really really have to.
  9. (127) Houdini DSO Error

    I installed the demo of Redshift into Houdini 18.0.499 Since then if I try to use Mantra I get this error: (127) Couldn't load C:/PROGRA......./dso/mantra/TIL_DeonoiseOptixGI.dll. Missing symbol registerProcedural This has also effected every installation within my Launcher but my original 18.0.391 I first installed seperate to the launcher is fine. I really don't know where to start debugging this! The issue is too that when I set off a render in Mantra it now has this pop up every single frame and won't move onto the next frame until you have clicked it out.
  10. I apologise for the seriously noobie question. Learning Houdini and loving it. I am also doing my live-action previs's now in Houdini which is working well using flipbook>FFMPEG . When using materials within a network after a normalsSOP they don't seem to display in the viewport however they display fine if I just use Object>Render>Material parameter (plonk it onto the object). Does anyone have any insight into this? Tweaking my Mantra node for previs I get great looking renders (for previs) with sampling at 1, noise at 1 SSS at 0 . In the top bar next to the recycling logo (AutoUpdate) I have the preview button. On what I am doing today with this preview button turned ON I can render something (in the render viewport) great in 2 seconds. With it turned off it takes 35 seconds. Can I just render out JPEGS with the PREVIEW_ON setting as per the render viewport for faster render times? As currently Mantra seems to only be able to render in the PREVIEW_OFF equivilant at like 40 odd seconds per frame? Anyother tips on doing quick and dirty Mantra renders? I can't use redshift because I am a working cinematographer so most of my previs work is done in the back of a moving vehicle, train, plane so I'd need two licenses at $1000 and my laptops a rotten apple.