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  1. Samsung 950 Pro JUST showed up on amazon and newegg for pre-order! Here is an article on this monster = http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/10/950-pro-review-samsungs-first-pcie-m-2-nvme-ssd-is-an-absolute-monster/
  2. optimal disk storage

    Well, I don't actually have the drives yet. Trying to get advice from others who may have already discovered an optimal setup for themselves. But I will definitely test out whatever I do end up buying. But that would be pretty nice if I didn't need to actually split out the assets. I do think I will still use one for cache, and then one for files/renders, just because the sim caches can get so big, that I don't think there will be enough space to share it with other files. In fact, I may even need to just use a large HDD as my sim cache drive for huge sims, because 1tb won't really be enough anyways!
  3. optimal disk storage

    Hey everyone, Finalizing my new pc and just trying to decide what would be the most optimal use of ssds/hdds. My current thoughts are: 512 gb m.2 nvme os and apps 1tb samsung 850 pro ssd sim cache 1tb samsung 850 pro ssd current work files 2 x 4tb HDDs file storage and backup (thinking to go raid 1 with this) Some questions that I have: Is it better to have work files on separate drive as the cache? How about rendering. Example: Should I have .hip file + assets on one drive, simulation cache on a separate ssd, and then a third drive that I render to? My second question is about the storage and backup HDDs. Would you suggest the 2x4tb HHDs in raid 1 for my older work files (storage)? Then maybe buy a NAS device, and use it to backup the data from my raid 1? There shouldn't be any issue using NAS drives for my storage and backup NOT actually used in a NAS? Only reason I ask, is because there are some really nice HGST Deskstar 4tb NAS on sale for real cheap atm! So, i'm just trying to have a nice organized setup, with top efficiency. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Appreciate your advice! Thanks
  4. I hope Houdini can keep up! I want to use one NVMe for os/apps and one for cache/sims i/o. Samsung will release their 950 pro's in October supposedly: (right now, you have to check the actual part number in order to determine if a SM951 is NVMe or not)! http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/samsung-launches-nvme-m-2-950-pro-ssd-for-the-masses
  5. DUAL Xeon Cooling.

    For those of you that are running the dual xeons, have you done any benchmarks on large sims, with your dual xeon setup vs single cpu? I'm torn between building the dual E5-2630v3 2.4GHz 8-core vs single E5-1660v3 3.0GHz 8-Core or even an i7 5960x (3.5GHz 8-core). I'll be concentrating mainly on large sims. (the idea that i can upgrade more than 64gb ram later on) steers me towards the E5's for both dual or single cpu setups (over the 5960x). I would just love to know if anyone notices any big boosts in performance with one setup or another on these types of sims.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. Glad to hear I don't need to buy 2 m.2s for raid 0!
  7. Reel 2012 / In progress

    Nice reel! Glad you are back!
  8. Digital pyrotechnics

    This looks amazing!
  9. pyro beginner question

    1) Depending on how you have painted your fuel and temperature, the temperature, if above the ignition threshold in the combustion model of the Pyro Solver, causes the fuel to burn. Burning fuel will release more temperature, gas and soot (smoke)... This answer your question? 2) Pyro's Burn Field represents the fuel that is burning... You'll notice that Burn only occurs in areas where there is fuel. It does not advect and move around on it's own. Since, Burn doesn't look very fantastic for "fire", the Heat Field was created. This field actually gets advected and is often used to render as fire.
  10. cvex and vex volume procedural questions.

    sweet thanks. so my way is bugged? any thoughts about how to get the tunnel carved out based on "camera"... center of camera outward? Cheers, Jonathan
  11. cvex and vex volume procedural questions.

    Hello all, i've made a simplified version of what i'm talking about. I'm still quite stuck trying to understand if this is a bug or if i'm just simply doing something wrong. volume_atmosphere_tunnel_odforce.hip
  12. ripple solver - high frequency

    Hey thanks Macha, Sorry for the delay in responding. Just been insane busy at the moment. I needed to get incredibly high frequency, very small wavelength, ripples. I found that to be incredibly hard to achieve! Thanks, Jonathan
  13. cvex and vex volume procedural questions.

    thanks tjeeds, i'll look into that. in the meantime. i'm getting a result that i do not expect that does not look like my viewport. using cvex, i'm creating a noisey volume... i want a tunnel that goes through the volume... so for the time being, I took the bounding box in x and the bouding box in y... and then used a ramp on each of them, to take the .5 values to 0... and ramp up to 1 on both sides of .5... i then add the two together and multiply the "noisey volume" by this added bounding box, ramp combination... In my viewport, I get what i want. a noisey volume with a hole in the middle. when i render it though, i keep getting volume where the HOLE is... i've tried making my ramps much more extreme on the bounding box ramping... the viewport shows the hole getting larger, but once again, when I render... it's like it did nothing. Does anyone have any clue what could be the cause of that? Thanks, Jonathan
  14. cvex and vex volume procedural questions.

    for the time being, i took the bounding box in x and y, plugged each to a ramp and multiplied that with the noisey volume. That makes a hole with falloff, in the center bbx and bby of the volume. This only works well for a camera translating in z... still looking for a way to have this all cam based.
  15. Hello all, I'm using a cvex, vex volume procedural, and billowy smoke on a volume. I was just curious how in the cvex, i could have a fade off from the center of camera" outwards... I essentially have a noisey volume at the moment, all done in the cvex with noise... I'm sure I did it wrong, but I was trying to use a transform vop in the cvex to take the position of the volume, and change it to camera space... and multiply that with the volume... but it's definitely not right. it made two grid like slices through the center of the volume like target cross-hairs. Well anyways, if someone has a solution, i'd love to hear it! Cheers, Jonathan