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  1. Mass PDG model generating

    Thx for the inspiration, I think I'll go for the displacement texture + camera in the first place I keep PDG in mind for later as wedge node looks so powerful
  2. Mass PDG model generating

    Hello, How would you recreate this kind of video with houdini ? I hesitate with proceduraly create one 3D model that I would then alter with some variation a hundred time using PDG pipeline and then caching out the result with the same camera with small angle/position variation. Or apply variation only through the model texture heightmap but I am not quite sure how. Any recommandations ? Guillaume
  3. Pagoda Roof tiles

    Hello, I am trying to make a pagoda but I lack of idea for the process making. Imo, it is all about instanciating resampled curves onto certain points and then copy tiles to every points. I come up with this idea : But then I am not sure how I could instantiate curves into the red area, any idea ? Thanks, Guillaume pagoda 1.hipnc edit : Maybe there is something to do with mirrors, but then I need to find a way to trim the excess edit 2 : Problem solved, you may find the hip attached for those who are interested pagoda 2.hipnc