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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to render a scene in Mantra but nothing shows up in the output. Could somebody help me out on the issue?
  2. RBD sim issue

    why does the fractured pieces keeps flying and not interacting with the collider?
  3. FLIP Simulation

    Could somebody have any idea how to make this kind of sim? fn.mp4
  4. POP Drag expression error

    Yeah...It worked...Thank you.
  5. POP Drag expression error

    Did I do something wrong here? Getting a "Read only expression on left side of assignment" error... could someone help me solve it.
  6. Whitewater SIM issue

    ejr32123 ok will try that..! Thank you.
  7. Whitewater SIM issue

    @ ejr32123 faster value means that the higher value, right?
  8. Whitewater SIM issue

    Hello guys, i have a doubt on my whitewater sim.... whitewater01.mp4 i want whitewater to be only on the areas of splashes not on the previous frames rising up... could someone tell me how to make that work?
  9. Desert Storm

    Hey guys, I want to create a desert storm effect with those sand flying and making impact to the object. Reference footage: Hope somebody could help me out in this... Thank you.