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  1. Is it much harder than Arnold? How much harder?
  2. I'm not super experienced with rendering, and I like what I've heard and seen from Renderman, but wow it look difficult to learn. Is it too impractical for a relative newbie ? How would one go about learning it, if new to rendering altogether?
  3. FX Reel 2020

  4. Well that's really something. I was under the impression that 3Delight wasn't really used in studios, but now that I've heard otherwise, Renderman non-commercial and 3Delight are what I use until I have more CPU horsepower, then I'll integrate some Mantra in there. Hopefully I can find resources to learn Renderman and 3Delight. Your anecdote on 3Delight is crazy, why don't more people talk about this? And as far as "if you're good at what you do," unfortunately I am not. And it will be a while until I am, if I ever get there. Using Houdini makes me question my intellect, it uses parts of my brain that I haven't touched in years.
  5. Thank you for all of your advice! I will do as you say, and definitely upgrade my CPU later on this year. I'm quite happy that I found this forum, and I appreciate your help immensely.
  6. haha well thanks! I guess I was hoping that getting a 32 core or 64 core CPU with lots of RAM would be good for CPU rendering. Now I really regret not getting the RedShift sale the other day, it was 350 instead of 500 for the initial license fee. I guess I made a big mistake? I could use Octane, it's just when I apply to jobs in 18 months, I thought I should be able to say I am experienced with a renderer common in production . I seriously always make the wrong decision.
  7. I wish there was an easy way for me to make the right career choice in what renderer to invest in for practicing rendering sims. Some people say renderman, some arnold, and now you say that 3Delight is actually a legitimate option. I'm so lost. I guess I'm just glad I didn't pull the trigger on Redshift, bc CPU seems like it will be optimal for my needs once my new computer is built.
  8. I know this is an old post, but If one buys a 32 core processor (or maybe more) and 128 gigs of ram, Is there a difference in speed between Mantra/Renderman/Arnold/Vray? I assume 3Delight is faster than all, but nobody uses it in production that I see (not that I would know.)