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  1. This is all really cool.. your strobe effect is nice and quite organic.. I tried to get something more mechanical and fast (1off/1on) but it still feels like it cycling trough.. I tried to use 'pulse' chop Also I could throw a 'rand' directly in the light color channel which I didn't know about Thank you for the light point instancing trick.. will surely come very handy Also I tried to hack the parameter interface of the light.. these are locked right? Thanks again ap_chop_hold_lag_drives_light_1.hipnc
  2. Thanks Atom, this will help also as I am looking at creating a strobe light effect.. that is to say, a light comes on every other frames/time. I need to find out what expression could translate that..
  3. There is a 'Switcher' node at object level that is normally intended to switch between cameras but it may help you organise the keyframing in one location. Also the display frame range can be expressed as so: $F<=10 for the first light and $F>=11 for the second light. If anyone knows how to express portions of time/frames (ex: activate between frames 30 to 40) I would be interested too..
  4. Rendering slices of pyro

    Dear Nick, Maybe 'Volume_Slice Sop' can help. You can visualize heat and or density attributes anywhere across the volume (I have no experience rendering that one though). Another idea could be to play with the simulation box limits/size (the pink box) by setting the fire to not collide against it and let the box limit to clip it where you want.
  5. Hi Everyone, last night I decided to put an end at 'not knowing how to use .sbsar texture files' in Houdini. So , I checked this and the workflow looks pretty straightforward https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/sidefx-labs-substance-plugin/ I have been unable to get Mantra to load the maps from Cop somehow Could someone take a look at the test hipfile below and maybe try with a proven healthy .sbsar. Mines seem a bit doubtful as I get very few parameters and often if I hit one of them I crash instantly. SBSAR_COP_workflow_1.hipnc WoodGraph.sbsar
  6. FLIP fluid moving around object

    Hi Gariel, I gave it a shot and I think the curve suction tunnel was just a tiny bit too narrow (I set it 0.7 instaed of 0.6) and the slip on collision scale was too sticky (I set it to 1 instead of default 0.1) Hope it works on your end flrip_round_object_OD.hipnc
  7. sorry, I just realize that this has been already solved
  8. I turned on 'slip on collision' (flipsolver/volume motion/viscosity) and turned friction back to 1 ap_flip_viscosity_by_attribute_inside_OD_1.hipnc
  9. Rendering cloth on both sides

    1) try Vellum post-process sop, it offers a thickness parameter. Mantra principled shader should shade 'both sides as front' by default. 2) maybe try labs 'soften normal' sop. I use it all the time, awesome node.
  10. Filling water tank

    The tank is filling up but it looks like the surface will not raise above the emitter. Maybe someone can check it out as well. water_fill_001_od.hipnc
  11. Fake Caustics VOP

    Thank you both Nicholas and Tesan.. I am combining both methods.. working on it.. will post if I get something interesting
  12. Fake Caustics VOP

    Very nice stuff man! Do you think you could give it a shot? Here is a tiny test scene with the mat builer https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmry1m5c49btb1l/Fake_Caustics_VOP.hipnc?dl=0 That would be very useful to me on the long run..
  13. I would do two render passes (layers). The bck with less pixel samples and the geo with more pixel samples by 'matting' one and then the other. 'Comp' the 2 layers in Nuke or so. Houdini 'Takes' are pretty handy for that job
  14. Hi Odforcers, does anyone know how to wire the 'fake caustics' VOP inside mat builder? (apart from using the principled shader, tx)