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  1. Cushion pattern

    Cool.. yeah I will try to implement your function.. get back to you soon Thank you Tesan
  2. Cushion pattern

    Hy Vince, really nice. I learned a lot reading through the nodes. So I tried to combine Konstantin's take and apply the threads.. taking a little shortcut. The 2 problems that I have left are: - I need to orient the loops in the direction of the lines to match the reference above - I am having a hard time getting a nice smooth twist for the wires If you can Cheers Cushion_leather_01.hipnc
  3. Cushion pattern

    Hey Vincent, you guys are awesome. That looks like another solved one. Finally showing the web community how to do stitches without Zbrush. I am not near my rig right now get back shortly.
  4. Bend a long box into an arc

    Sorry I hadn't read that part correctly.. see if that still useful for you This is more relevant to your case (Houdini user guide example scene)
  5. Bend a long box into an arc

    Yes, bend sop is good or if you want a bit more control, you can draw a curve and sweep it Box_sweep.hipnc
  6. Cushion pattern

    I know, the double sweep put me on my butt.. the first one looks like it failed and then.. magic. I still haven't worked it out.. Now I need to make the tread to poke in and poke out of the leather.. I am thinking of using a sin wave function but likely beyond my capacities.. I'll give it a shot
  7. Cushion pattern

    Whaaa.. clean.. done!.. with high res stitches.. in 13 nodes please Thank you so much Konstantin I recommend to everyone to check this hip file
  8. Cushion pattern

    Really? Ok.. Cushion.hipnc
  9. Delete Edges?

    I would select the edge you want to delete (or more proceduraly create its own edge group upstream) then use the 'dissolve' node and disable 'remove inline points' and probably disable 'remove unused points' if necessary.
  10. Cushion pattern

    Hello Odforce Would anyone have an idea on how to approach this pattern (I would prefer to model it than displace render it). This is a watch bracelet. I have made multiple disastrous attempts which are not worth posting here. Many Thanks
  11. Fluid-Fluid Collision Velocity

    Hi James I am just throwing the first fixes that come to my mind (as I have no idea of your level this may be things you know but..): try switch between splashy kernel and swirly kernel (volume motion) play with velocity smoothing (volume motion) play with the height in space of you source (emitter) to the impact make milk more viscous than coffee add air drag force in DOP higher substeps will keep the particles from moving too fast between frames see if Feedback Scale help (volume motion/solver) the overall scale of your scene will affect greatly the collision result (I would say the larger the scene, the less splashy.. to be confirmed)
  12. Solved - Using sphere to contain POPs

    I must say that the invert sign is a cleaner option as you don't need to render this one and create one with thickness just for render. James, turn off display flag on your collider sphere and create a new geo node for the rendered sphere with thickness.. if yo intend to render..
  13. Solved - Using sphere to contain POPs

    Hi James I had a look at your scene. That is right some the particle get ejected outside the sphere instantly.. and the more you res up the collision VDB. the worse it gets.. It is very lucky that I had the same issue once with a flip sim as the answer is the least you expect and is almost impossible to find in books. The container needs to be open somewhere. Apparently particle based simulations don't work in a sealed container. You can cap it but it need to have an opening. So I punched a hole in the sphere and it works fine. Let me know if that works on your end Cheers POPs_in_sphere-help_01.hipnc
  14. Vellum max BEND / pressure - size

    I am so sorry Ollek, I uploaded the wrong file.. Hope you are still around All I did is re-group your points in a more procedural manner. Not sure this is what you are after but it inflates in a more uniform way problem_feedbck02.hipnc
  15. Vellum semi rigid Helix type hose

    Dust boot.. I have not been able to skin across the rings after solve but playback time is good Thinking back at it there is not much need for a solve at this point.. Vellum_Helix_04.hipnc