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  1. Fake Caustics VOP

    Thank you both Nicholas and Tesan.. I am combining both methods.. working on it.. will post if I get something interesting
  2. Fake Caustics VOP

    Very nice stuff man! Do you think you could give it a shot? Here is a tiny test scene with the mat builer https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmry1m5c49btb1l/Fake_Caustics_VOP.hipnc?dl=0 That would be very useful to me on the long run..
  3. I would do two render passes (layers). The bck with less pixel samples and the geo with more pixel samples by 'matting' one and then the other. 'Comp' the 2 layers in Nuke or so. Houdini 'Takes' are pretty handy for that job
  4. Hi Odforcers, does anyone know how to wire the 'fake caustics' VOP inside mat builder? (apart from using the principled shader, tx)
  5. That's lucky I haven't been here in a long time I dropped a few sticky notes to point out the key nodes config to blend Cd in flip (in SOP, MAT and OUT contexts) https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8sjxw0ggeo1iln/Mixing_fluid_colors.hipnc?dl=0
  6. Vellum optimization

    Probably post your scene if you can so me or someone can take a look and test the playback (I have exactly the same hardware specs as you)
  7. Vellum optimization

    From what I understand, you are trying to sim the whole geometry of the branches/tree though the solver. Try to run only the curves though the solver (quite low res without any polys) then res up your curves and generate final geometry after solve. I am just catching you post on the fly as it sounds familiar with a similar issue I had solved here:
  8. Pyro copy Cd field from previous frame (SOLVED)

    If you have pyro going on it will use the Cd attribute from the guides visualizer in the pyro object (same for flip object). You can turn these off or use custom colors.
  9. Workflow for RBD fracture/destruction

    Maybe try dig into the 'Debris Source" sop https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/debrissource.html That may work in your favor
  10. Cushion pattern

    I think I'll call it done.. Thank you Vincent, Konstantin and Tesan for sharing your time and knowledge and making this thread interesting Cheers guys Cushion_leather_04.hipnc
  11. Cushion pattern

    This is what I got right now combining all you guys techniques.. pretty neat Yeah I would just improve the twist if possible, extrude the leather..bend it and roll.. Cushion_leather_03.hipnc
  12. Cushion pattern

    Is this for the twist of the string itself? I applied your function to the wrangle. Works real nice with 'round' curve. Gives me that master control. Tx
  13. Cushion pattern

    Cool.. yeah I will try to implement your function.. get back to you soon Thank you Tesan