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  1. Hi. I have a alembic simulation from Houdini with 1000 objects. 1- 110 frames alembic files was 55gb its OK? 2- C4d is having a hard time reproducing it. Is there a way to bake the simulation or create some kind of proxy on C4D? Maybe the problem its from Houdini? Thanks.
  2. RBD rotation

    Thanks, works me!
  3. RBD rotation

    hi i have some objects in rbd simulation where they just get blown through the air. What would be the process for these objects to rotate randomly on themselves? I have tried the torque force but it gains too much speed. Thanks.
  4. Object set fire another object

    Yes, i can animate B with temperature or activation but... if there were 25 balls one after another crossing A?
  5. Object set fire another object

    Hi, i want to learn how to set fire a object using another burning objects. I have two balls: A (fire ON) and B ( fire off) -I know how to set fire B whit burning A, while B stay static. -Now i want to set fire B, crossing burning A (static). Works but takes too long. What would be the process to get out of A already on fire? Thanks set fire.hip
  6. Combine Vellum + RBD

    Hey everyone, I am learning vellum but I cannot combine them with rigid bodies. What would be the easy procedure so that the rdb ball remains on top and does not pass through the vellum? Thanks VID_20200616_171448.mp4