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  1. How I Can Construct a Circle from 3 Points?

    i hope this can help youcircle_od_h18.5.hip
  2. Slow motion pyro

    i do not know if this can help you, extract package to a folder,say D:\Home\houdini18.0\config\qLib-0.2.5,and modify env file.
  3. Slow motion pyro

  4. Advanced Bubbles - Flat Intersection

    Can you share the shader files or give some tutors for other guys,thx.
  5. rbd flip collision problem

    first,thank you very much,fencer,in some situation you method is nice, in my example file,for some reson i just want ball created at some specific frame, before that frame there no ball DOP data in sim, not controlling the active/inactive states, in other words,there still the problem in this file rbd_flip_collision_problem_v02_a.hip
  6. rbd flip collision problem

    Hi,does anybody know the problem and have solution,thanks in advanced. i create a very simple scene with a flat tank and a rigid body ball,the ball is falling into water,when set "Creation Frame" of ball to 1(the same as flattank's),the simulation is ok; but,when set it to other frame,say 10,flip will explode when ball touches... rbd_flip_collision_problem.hip
  7. there are some methods,or you can use group expression node with expression "@area==detail(0, "maxArea")",but first you must keep the area attribute in last step
  8. Hi,fencer,great rnd works,how do you create bendable rebar in you rnd,can you share some hip files?thx.
  9. Nuke Custom Interface Issue

    I want to use PyQt in Nuke to create custom panel but confused about the nuke.addKnobChanged() callback command.Currently I can't excute custom function as a argument in this command to do an action.When run the script,an error rises. Anyone can help me to figure out the issue?Thanks in advance. I paste the codes and relative function docs here: import nuke import nukescripts import string from PyQt4.QtGui import * from PyQt4.QtCore import * from nukescripts import panels class colorwheelBrowserWidget(QWidget): def __init__(self): #super( QWidget, self).__init__() QWidget.__init__(self) self.master_Taggle= QPushButton(self) self.master_Taggle.setObjectName( "master" ) self.master_Taggle.setGeometry(QRect(0, 0, 150, 40)) self.master_Taggle.setText(" master ") def Print_Button_name (): a=colorwheelBrowserWidget().master_Taggle b=a.objectName() k = nuke.thisKnob() if k.name() == "gamma": nuke.tprint( nuke.addKnobChanged( Print_Button_name ,nodeClass="ColorCorrect") ### console output error info: wrapped C/C++ of type QPushButton has been deleted addKnobChanged docs: addKnobChanged(call, args=(), kwargs={}, nodeClass='*', node=None) Add code to execute when the user changes a knob The knob is availble in nuke.thisKnob() and the node in nuke.thisNode(). This is also called with dummy knobs when the control panel is opened or when the inputs to the node changes. The purpose is to update other knobs in the control panel. Use addUpdateUI() for changes that should happen even when the panel is closed.
  10. Explosion Test

    Here is the file with simplified DOPs.Hope this can be helpful. explosion_test.hip
  11. Explosion Test

    Pyrofx 2 add some custom fields controling waves and shape. Hope you like it and give some suggestions.Thanks. https://vimeo.com/61326470
  12. simulation of destruction

  13. simulation of destruction

    Hey,almetea,very nice work.Here is my file for displacement test on specific direction,say world x,could you give some suggestion.
  14. can't calculate rest

    Can anyone help me to check this file.When toogle the "Enable Rest" on,it can't work and eat up the ram.Thanks vary much. emtfrombigarea_stuck.hip
  15. PYROFX and scene scale

    Some trick is scale scene,charactors,motions...etc to a standard(your favorate) effect space scale.