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  1. Flip mesh motionblur issue

    I guess you meshed the fluid manually,you can try sampling v from the vel field instead of calculating it with trail SOP
  2. nice setup for wood fracture I did some optimizations for your scene,see the marked nodes for the rbdcluster node,you should check off the "fuse clustered pieces" since you have to make collision shape of each piece separately in dop,and so you should keep the original "name" attrib after clustering for the constraints,I split the "glue" constraint into 2,one is cluster inner glue(glue constraint) and the other is glue between clusters(hard constraint,to make the entire wood structure a little bit softer) and other modifications,for the bullet solver and setup for wood mass,etc,hope it helps Wood_RnD_Example_File_v2.hip
  3. Object merge and relative path

    def merge_multiple_objects(objs): obj_container=objs[0].parent().createNode('geo','merged_objs') merge_sop=obj_container.createNode('object_merge') merge_sop.parm('numobj').set(len(objs)) for i in range(len(objs)): relPath = merge_sop.relativePathTo(objs[i]) merge_sop.parm('objpath'+str(i+1)).set(relPath) merge_sop.parm('xformtype').set(1) #orgnize node positions pos=objs[-1].position() obj_container.setPosition([pos[0]+2,pos[1]-2]) sels=hou.selectedNodes() merge_multiple_objects(sels); you can try the script as a python shelf tool by selecting objects first, hope it helps
  4. Sharp Edge Waves

    I'm just taking this example to give you some tips,hope it helps creased_abstract_waves.hip
  5. Subdivision - transfer edge groups

    that's tricky, and several weeks ago I used another approach for maintaining edge group on subdivided geo, hope there are some useful informations for you https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/85561/ cut_plane_with_edges_v2.hip
  6. How do I animate radscale?

    try animating it in ChOP? right click on the parameter,motion fx/noise,hope it helps
  7. Emit objects in DOP with Houdini 19.5 issue

    It might be a bug, your file seems to run well in newer version of h19.5 emit_balls_h19.5.346.hiplc
  8. vellum warriors? Piling wires or straw

    generally adjustment for substeps,and some collision related parameters is a must for this type of sims, and the initial string/hair mass and radius are some of the key factors, friction and drags are very important,i don't think auto-sleep is necessary,some times you can add a weak shape match(not sure it can work well on string/hair,for cloth it can effect much) all those details depend on your scenes,hope it helps or please post some files
  9. no big deal,it was a h19.5 version,here i updated a new one for h19.0,hope it helps post-modify_fire_opacity_h19.hip
  10. just some tips for you here I created a field like "age field" to post-modify the dop fields before getting into shading/rendering OR,simply use height cheers post-modify_fire_opacity.hip
  11. how to limit pyro forces to region

    you can try just using gasfieldwrangle/vop to modify the field youwant masked_wind_pyro_od.hip and the related topics https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/80961/
  12. don't worry about maths and codes stuff, here is an example with object level constraints, there might be some useful informations for you invert_space.hip
  13. edgecusp seems simpler and alittle bit more efficient,i post it here although the problem might have been solved Space cruiser_v3.hip and here is a related threadhttps://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/85561/?page=1#post-370359
  14. I just changed some nodes for finding and applying matrix based on the file make_point_static_v2.hipnc
  15. vdb mask

    maybe you can refer to this post,https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/80961/