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  1. pyro and volume rasterize attribute

    try scattering more points or post files?
  2. "vdb deactive" always detects voxels whose value equals background value currently and get them deactive or "removed" the value of voxels you expanded equal background value,so qualified, and for SDF is in the the same way hope i helps vdb activate and deactivate_v2_od.hiplc
  3. for objects without texture and cylinder like,you can use the trick above but for simulating rope like stuff,using vellum hair instead of cloth is recommended rope_simulation_02_final_fix_od_v2.hiplc

    so also should get the shortest path along boolean seams on original geometry VELLUM EDGE FRACTURE_fix_od_v2.hipnc
  5. why didn't you use the "orienta longcurve1" node,you got it rope_simulation_02_final_fix_od.hiplc
  6. Vellum Hair Rotation

    just give it a try, clean1->remove attribs: * ^orient

    hope it helps VELLUM EDGE FRACTURE_fix_od.hipnc
  8. * ^on, NOT "*^on", dude pop_awaken_stopped_fix_od.hip
  9. you almost got the way, just try setting "birth threshold" to 0 on flip solver NarrowBand_Reseed_fix_od.hipnc sometimes this kind of issues are knotty, generally we can adjust reseeding paramaters, some lower birth thresholds, higher death thresholds, and lower surface oversamplings, or other parameters, depends on your effect needs and also, increasing flip resolution is important for decreasing the popping effects
  10. or post your file of simple version?
  11. just set popsolver->collision behavior->group to affect, so you know what i mean now, to "* ^on"
  12. stop condition for loop

    try doing accumulation mannually in loop,it seems the legacy loop SOPs are more handy than new ones in loop controls loop_stop_condition_od.hip
  13. the mismatch of nameB on branch tips, so simply modified it,check pinky nodes; ASk_PointDeform_v2_fix_od.hipnc yes, rebuilding the nameB to make them match in you original file could be better.
  14. Scatter without selfpenetration

    thanks, and that's interesting,firstly, you guys' approaches are nice and impressive. the point is,for some particular situations we should select some particular ways to solve the problems, handily and efficiently. as a matter of fact, it's handy to handle 4000 points(with constraints) with bullet solver,even more. but how to handle 4000(eat out around 55gb ram?) or 8000 unpacked uv islands and geometries whitout crash risk, that could be unavoidable.
  15. Scatter without selfpenetration

    if you don't mind using bullet dyn,you can try this way scatter_without_intersection_od.hip