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  1. House destruction

    Thanks !!! perhaps you are right, roof is too bendy
  2. House destruction

    I cleaned up and rendered my final project i did at the end of the Pav Grochola's "Destruction in Houdini" course: https://vimeo.com/111258925 Please let me know what do you think. Thanks
  3. Probably my question is very simple. Where in Houdini can I change default temp folder? Right now it is writing into /tmp. But, because my root partition is very small, I would like to change it to something like "~/tmp". Thanks
  4. How to bring to DOPs chunks created in SOP

    WOW!!! Thanks!!! I would never thought of using CHOPs for such purpose.
  5. Hi all I'm trying to fracture an object based on attributes modified with SOP solver. On SOP level new pieces are created just fine. But I don't know how to bring those chunks back to DOP simulation. Plus I have strange behavior on frame 1 when I bring just single piece. RBD Fracture Object doesn't work because number of pieces changes over time. How would you dynamically create new objects in DOP? Thanks for the help. section_split_odforce.hipnc
  6. Thanks for you reply, Jason. what is "bona fide crash"? I updated to 379 build but got this error again. I have no idea what exactly in my scene cosing this and what does this error mean.
  7. my renders stop on certain frames. Render manta rop output driver returns : Error command exit code 11. I can not find anywhere in manual What does this code 11 mean. Please help. Im using Houdini 9.5 170 build on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit thanks
  8. file cache cycle

    it is exactly what i need !!!! Thanks a lot !!!
  9. i have an animation cycle baked in to bgeo files. How can I cycle throw files when i read them? Thanks
  10. ink in water

    i dont get... Why are you using particles. Why dont you render volumes from smoke simulation?