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  1. Underwater Bubbles

    Hello everyone, I was away for a week and couldn't reply to your beautiful answers! Thank you all so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge. What I ended up doing is following John's tutorial shared by bjzhangzhe but I'll try all the suggestions as well as it will help me improve vastly! Again, you are all amazing, thanks!
  2. Underwater Bubbles

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm also new in Houdini and procedural workflows in general, I have experience with 3D in general but not so much with simulations and those kind of stuff. Now, I decided to start my Houdini journey with a small project of mine that involves a rising bubble simulation from underwater. I'm currently on the process of binge watching several tutorials on Flip Fluid simulations inside Houdini but I need your guidance on how you would approach such a task. Thank you all! (please be patient with my lack of knowledge)