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  1. Loading Houdini Python modules into Code Issues

    "python.analysis.extraPaths": [ "C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini 18.0.597\\houdini\\python2.7libs", ], "terminal.integrated.env.windows": { "PYTHONPATH" : "C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini 18.0.597\\houdini\\python2.7libs", "PATH" : "${env:PATH};C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini 18.0.597\\bin" }, "python.languageServer": "Pylance", That's what you need to have in settings.json. VS Code will only show autocompletion if Project Folder is opened and File is saved in that folder (at least it's that way for me). If I need to write a bit of a Python for current project, I don't open editor from Windows menu of Houdini, I just open houdini_temp directory as project folder in VS Code, and edit code directly in __python_source_editor.py. And if you want to edit code from Python Wrangle node, then just after file opened in VS Code, save it with the same name, so Pylance could pick up it (and Project Folder should be already open). That's what worked for me in my case.
  2. Sure, only parameter that different is Relaxation Factor (set to 0.3) of Cone Twist Constraint, that was enough to get it working. CT_problem_apprentice.hipnc
  3. Ugh, I found, I missed Relaxation Factor parameter, that was the problem. Classic case of solving problem almost immediately after asking the question :D, even tho I couldn't solve it for a two days before
  4. Having a problem with a Motor in a Cone Twist Relationship for a few days. It's stop working after 50 frames (not generating any torque) if I animate a motor values. Parameters animated like 0 to 30 to 0 to 45 to 0 to -45 to 0 etc.., so motor should only increment a small angle per timestep. Tried to modify almost any parameter I could from lowest to highest, no success (apart from Time Scale, but it's not really a solution). Simulation substeps don't have visible effect either. Minimal working setup in the attached file. Banging my head against this problem for a couple days CT_problem_apprentice.hipnc
  5. I'm trying to visualize only attributes that are belongs to a certain group. Do so by using Visualizer group with visibility set to group. But it just doesn't work. Tried to use group expressions, group names that I created before Visualizer SOP, nothing works. Tried Houdini v17.5 and 18.0.499, not working. Attached simple example, where I'm trying to visualize P attribute using group visibility option. group_visualizer.hipnc Thanks!