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  1. bunch of blending and metaballs

    Thank you for all the info already ! I'd really appreciate if you can tell me what operator / technique to try to which effect spefically. It would really help ! Thanks !!
  2. bunch of blending and metaballs

    Hello everyone , Im a mainly maya developper and lately I've been starting to play around with houdini (since I got access to it at work) and I really love it , Its great , so I've been trying to do some random stuff to learn as I go. I have taken a fairly quick startup class on it , so I know the basics and the networks. basically how things work, pretty much thats it Here is what I am trying to accomplish at the moment , I'd appreciate if you can help ! I want to have bunch of cubes , as they get closer to each other , they form one big liquid shape , and then I want to morph that big liquid shape into another 3d model (non-organic) I can't figure out how to have cubes act as a metaball, and I'm not really sure how to do it , should I try to convert it ? or somehow use it as a base to create a sharp edged cube looking metaballs ? and if I can figure that part out , I know how I can convert the output of that into a polygon (ha! ) . and as far as I know I can morph that into another model (with different topology), is that correct ? if so , how can I do it ? If you can provide me some startup information , I can try to guide myself as best as I could and thanks everyone !