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  1. Houdini 11 issues

    how is it that running it in vista sp2 mode works for win7 users, but having vista 64 with sp2 doesn't? also, should it take 20 minutes to install (and uninstall)? because on a laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit it seems to install very quickly. granted the unpacking and installing are 2 separate steps, but still much faster. aren't laptop hd's slower than desktop hd's? lastly, when it is suggested to install w/ antivirus sw disabled, is it still required to be online. ( you can stop laughing, i'm serious. ) it says it is installing correctly, but what if the av is impeding it, and w/o internet i'd be a little safer, let it finish and get the dialog to install the keys manually. just a thought. again, at least a 40 minute round trip just to test it though.
  2. Cascading Text Animation

    so far CurveSect seems rather fast, but i'm only testing one char and a bezier circle... the Keep Even / Keep Odd issue is popping up more often as i'm now seeing prim numbers shifting. other choices are "keep none" and "keep all" ... would it be possible to keep everything and then do a test to see if curve A is inside curve B? since it appears to be doing the clipping correctly, i could test against one point, yes? as long as it wasn't on the boundary edge? suggestions? curvesect_04.hipnc
  3. Cascading Text Animation

    yessss! ok, well sorta. i've been trying to get it to work, but even with the Join SOP i'm still getting multiple bezier curves. ExtrudeVolume works, but will not Cap the ends. The point numbers are not in order either. any hints on how to get the point numbers fixed? or even if it is necessary? i'm also getting "flashing" or improper clipped curves in some circumstances. Initially this was fixed w/ a higher tolerance, but i'm curious if "keep odd" needs to be changed in certain circumstances and if so, how to know? not on my pc at the moment. will post a hip file later.
  4. Cascading Text Animation

    well, here's my Nurbs version. it is certainly not perfect and i'm still not sure about Bridge. it's wrong to say this is faster when it doesn't work, but it is faster. ;oP no animated gif's, eh? ( OK, you have to click on it to see it. ) @pclaes - nice. i like the animated offset on the mountain. also, i was thinking about using the Partition etc instead of my not quite working hscript loop for the profile curves, which would help w/ chars with multiple curves... cascade_09.hipnc
  5. Cascading Text Animation

    may i borrow you computer? just kidding. the cook time for me was over 3 minutes. i am not making this up. H 10.0.528 on Vista 64. this is the very reason i've tried to boolean the curves first and then extrude. it just seems more efficient in my mind. it may not be, but for a while there i was getting cook times of about a second a frame before extrusion. roughly 2 seconds per frame to extrude. i'll need to test it out completely. it wasn't an apples to apples test ( it wasn't the same text string and i didn't test out the full 50 frames ). i'll post a cleaned up hip file shortly. edit: it seems the poly method is more stable after all. if i can get a nurbs method that works more consistently i'll post it later.
  6. Cascading Text Animation

    @Rudine - thanks. it's rather purdy. if i may, i am curious what "quite fast" is... could you close and open your file, clear the cache and then reset it to frame 1. how long did it take to cook? that's for 50 frames so i'm probably just getting impatient. ;o) other than that, i've spent some time trying to get this to work with nurbs curves and the Trim SOP, but when i go to use the Bridge SOP it doesn't use what the Trim did. work-around? i suppose the attached quicktime is the workaround. instead of using the Bridge SOP, i went from the Trim to a Convert ( to polys ) and made sure to have enough detail before the Extrude... but it isn't enough or i'm missing something as sometimes parts of the geo just disappear. oh and a quick Q about the Bridge SOP and "profile curves" how to access them? they aren't groups, but are used in the group field and have the "x.y" nomenclature. are they the same as the original prims that existed in the Font SOP before the Convert SOP? in trying to use the Bridge SOP procedurally i came up with: set j = "" for i = 1 to `nprims("../font2")` set j = `strcat($j, " 0.$i 1.$i ")` end then use $j as the string. but it seemed $j wouldn't get reset and it would pick up some of the hscript. either way this might not matter as they aren't the Trim'd curves. thanks again for the help guys. extrude.mov
  7. Cascading Text Animation

    @ Div - thanks. a couple q's: 1- what can be done to fix the artifacts on frame 11? and, 2- is there anything to help speed up the cook times? other than that, the method used in C4D was to do the boolean on the curves first and then extrude after the fact. wouldn't that be faster? regardless, i haven't been consistently successful in this approach. any suggestions?
  8. Cascading Text Animation

    came across a tutorial on creating an animated cascading text effect in C4D and AE and i'm trying to do it in Houdini. The tut can be found on greyscale gorilla's blog. he includes part of the the clip this effect is based on in his tut, but for the eager it is Pompeia by Santa Motion. so far i have a Font SOP + a Divide SOP ( with "Bricker Polygons" checked on ) plugged into the left side of a Cookie SOP. the right side has an animated ( translated in Y ) polygon curve. all of that is piped into a PolyExtrude. it works, but not perfectly and the Cookie seems .... overworked. i haven't been successful in getting a Nurbs or Bezier version going. As for the cascade animation, should i be writing bgeo's to disk and ref different bgeo's based on an expression stamped in a Copy SOP or a TimeShift or TimeWarp or something else? what can i do to improve cook time? any other suggestions or tips or things to look into? thanks in advance.
  9. is there a way to render to an FBO ( Frame Buffer Object ) in GLSL and have that be read back into another GLSL shader inside Houdini? it seems, to me, that I can render to a texture ( FBO? ) but i cannot seem to get this fed into another GLSL shader that can use it. am i missing something obvious? something not so obvious?
  10. the rendermonkey project uses HLSL, but supposedly HLSL can be converted to GLSL. if you can get your HDK buffer into an image file, you just add an "image file" param and then just put "uniform sampler2D img_file_param ;" at the top of the shader's code section. but is this a buffer that needs to be generated whenever the view is moved?
  11. came across an SSAO implemented in GLSL.... http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=556187 but i've yet to get it working ( completely ) inside Houdini, but i'm new to GLSL. the GLSL code that was provided in the GameDev thread compiles just fine, but to get it working one would need to generate the normal and depth maps in GLSL as well... some sort of deferred shading. furthermore, there's a RenderMonkey project in that same thread that is complete and includes the "fill g_buffer" ( normal and depth map shader code ), but everything is in HLSL. if anybody has anything they could add i'd be curious if this could be accomplished inside H. peace & 42
  12. uber deform

    errr i'm still curious about why the subnet doesn't work, but i finally had (some) success w/ a VOP COP and a couple Ramp parameters.
  13. uber deform

    subnet, cop2net, and HDA output a ramp, not the result of the deform(s). i don't believe it to be an issue w/ the switch as if i put the display flag on a deform COP inside the subnet / cop2net / HDA i still get the ramp output and not the deformed img. *** BUT *** if i jump inside the subnet ( etc ) the modified img shows up just fine. any thoughts? deform_HDA_02.hipnc
  14. Warning: invalid .mplay_lock file detected Help

    i recently got what i believe to be the same error, but on winXP 32 bit. but, in my case, i had just recently installed a new Security Suite. digging thru the dialogs i was able to get to "Program Permissions" for the firewall and change all of the settings for all Houdini related apps from "Outbound-Only Access" to "Full Access" and no more problems.
  15. VFX in Bolt?

    Has anybody found anything more than the mention of Houdini being used in Bolt? http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...1&Itemid=55