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  1. Hi, 
    I have a geo diving in flip
    Problem: I like the ripples at the beginning, but I want to slow down the ripples that get too high
    Question: how can i select only the particles that collided with the geo?

    I want to add the particles that collided with the geo to the group and limit their speed or maybe add a drag force to the selected group. Is this approach correct or is there any other way to keep the low ripples and slow down the fast ones?


    Also online preview https://yadi.sk/i/yxXCQ8Yghz11Jg

  2. On 1/30/2018 at 1:36 AM, Pancho said:

    Thanks so much for the imput. I wonder how to use a whirlpool shape in order to shape the particles.

    I guess there are to possibilities.

    a) Have a sim with a collisin/attraction surface


    B) straighten out a flat sim and reshapie it to the desired form.

    in case anyone successfully managed to use a narrow band fluid for a whirlpool sim, please step forward and report about your endeavour. Wonder whether it is possible. All my undertakings were unsuccessful as the surface always dropped below the waterline.


    Hi Pancho,

    i was trying to replicate the same thing that you wanted, driving flip fluid with mesh. Have you had any luck and could you share some tips?


  3. Hi everyone!!!
    Started to study houdini.

    I have separate elements with velocity setup as I want, but couldn't find a way to add any one of them to drive flip fluid.

    How can I add a velocity of the mesh or curve or the volume to the flip fluid? Or maybe someone can share a tutorial about how it works?

    In the end trying to create a chocolate swirl or vortex.