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  1. Houdini GO|Pro Webinars

    I hope someone who managed to sign up will capture them...
  2. Energy Aura Effects

    you can also consider using geometry, i've done similar stuff with SOPs and the lava shader (you can import it from H10),with animated displacements and motion blur.
  3. hi,you are right, you should give him the otl file,last time I did this i locked the import geometry nodes in the deform rig so the geometry comes with the otl.I find it easier this way because you give to people only 1 file.
  4. Which Linux?

    My advise is if you like the distro u are using,why changing it?For example i am using slackware for about 7-8 years,even before i started doing CG.I cant say how slackware compete with the others in terms of houdini speed but i can say it is twice faster than my xp32.I may recommend you trying icewm x window system, instead of using kde or gnome.
  5. Trebuchet (Student project)

    great work! The thing which bothers me is that the pieces are flying too fast and too far away from the place of the explosion,you may also add fire tail to the cannon ball in the air,and maybe if you lower the turbulence of the main explosion it may look a bit better.Great modeling,texturing and camera work!
  6. Objects ID in Mantra image plane?

    A lot of work? I don't find it complicated.you can check this threat too : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=11229&highlight=object++plane .If i don't have too many objects i like to assign constant shaders to the object by channel - RGB, this way you can have correct motion blur and AA.If you insist of having different colors you can set this with a random expression for color on sop level.
  7. Objects ID in Mantra image plane?

    I am not sure how to upload a file here but what you are missing is the Rendering parameter from the Mantra node which is called "Generate Op Ids for objects".
  8. How to make a smoke containment field

    ...I tried setting up the containment objects up as RBD Static objects and checked that the collision volumes were calculated well, but the smoke does not react to these as collions objects. i think you've done it in the right way (RBD Static objects) but have in mind that you need very high container resolution to have your smoke collide well with thin objects.
  9. Installing HOT on Windows?

    I had exactly the same problem and the ;& part fixed it.thanks
  10. ubuntu 9.10 karmic

    i use the gcc 4.3 version, i cannot say witch one is better,i havent tested yet the 4.2 version but 4.3 is working well for me.
  11. ubuntu 9.10 karmic

    I am using houdini 10.0.401 on slackware 13 x64, i had no troubles running it,but about maya things are different,since maya licensing tools are 32bit only so u have to install alot 32bit libs to start it under slack64.
  12. od[force] Houdini 11 Wishlist

    1.Speed 2.Integrated Bullet solver+constaints 3.Faster volume render 4.SSS with displacements
  13. how to renderout ObjectID pass

    Another idea is to maybe just output the Op_Id and Alpha seperately, then multiply in comp? I really give this method a try but without any success i think it's not possible,hope i am wrong.
  14. Particle Normals (I Think)

    hi, you can set this by adding a point sop between your object/object merge and the Pop network, and set the normal attribute of the point sop to add normal.You may have to change the orientation of the tubes to Z .Hope this helps.
  15. how to renderout ObjectID pass

    hi,the best way is to separate them into RGB groups, but you may wanna check this way first, you lose the antialiasing this way but at least you get the all the pieces in one plane,you can play with the filtering to get better result and i saw once that if you use coverage pass ,it can help with the edges too.
  16. ubuntu 9.10 karmic

    hi, maybe this thread is not the best place to ask , but i am starting to think that everybody who uses linux here is using ubuntu, is it the best disto for the job? How is it compared to the others? I am using slackware 13 at home and houdini runs very smoothly , except a few opengl glitches and realflow crashes occasionally (i think that's normal ), maya and nuke are working good too.
  17. Building a computer

    Hi Simon, About the CPU , you should know -for rendering you will use on 100% as many cores as you have,but in many other areas the software still doesn't use all the cores but one.So you'll need the best from both worlds.From what you suggested i think you better go with the 2x4 solution and to overclock it to the max .About the ram if you are serious with the simulations stuff you better go with more than 6.I don't have an opinion about the video, i use a gamers one from nvidia and i am pretty satisfied with it, i hear very bad things about the ati under linux and for graphics at all.Hope i helped! cheers
  18. i have some troubles with the plugin ,i am using 10.0.374 and when i load the mesh in houdini everything is fine except the cashing, i dont know how to clear the cache of the rf node,every 100 frames i have to restart houdini,this cache dosnt shows up at the cache manager,any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  19. maya vs houdini

    there are number of threads about this here and all over the net,for me is just personal preference,with both u can do amazing stuff
  20. hi all,I want to ask for idea how can i make particles to deform (eat) from surface or displacement.My goal is to create effect like: worms eating leg to the bone,for now i am sliding the particles on animated surface,but it doesn't look very convincing . Thanks in advance.
  21. particles question - particles eating surface

    thanks ,good example, i think it will do the job.
  22. Problem navigating in Realflow (on Ubuntu)

    if you are using kde you should change the modifier key- the setting is located at system settings>Window behavior>window actions> , by default it uses the Alt key
  23. Boujou to Houdini Compatible?

    hi , after loading the scene i usually load the footage as a standard background to the view,I am sure you can do it in another way ,but this way is working good enough for me.
  24. Where Are You Now?

    I am from Sofia, Bulgaria