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  1. This is great! Thank you so much. Will give it a go!
  2. Hey everyone hope you'll are doing fine. I've come across a problem while using the RBD material fracture node in H17.5. I have a geo modeled in 3ds max, imported to Houdini. I am using the material fracture node and I end up getting these small planes jutting out of the geo when I turn on the interior detail option only.' However, when I turn off the interior detail, the artifact goes away. (I've attached two screenshots showing when the interior detail is off and on) One more thing to note is that whenever I increase the number of points to fracture parts of the geo just disappears and the boolean cutters appear (I presume its created by the RBD material fracture node itself) Sorry for the lengthy post. Would be glad if someone would help me out here. Also posting the geo if anyone would wanna check it out. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/107rnWqKQWlNUxXAdkRAmwSmgq79qbNbe?usp=sharing Thanks and take care! geoForReddit.bgeo.sc
  3. Why does my RBD sim behave like this? [HELP] [Video Attached]

    Ah alright cool thanks! My geo is watertight. No unshared edges and stuff like that. Once I boolean it, It gets messed up. I'll try the detriangulate option then. Does it retain the material attribute post fracture? Anyway Thanks!
  4. Hey guys. So I'm working on this wall destruction sim in my spare time and this problem has been bugging me since last night! Firstly, I tried two ways to fracture the wall geo, Boolean and Voronoi. The boolean one worked fine but had a lot of issues with the geo post fracturing. There were a bunch of unshared edges and I could see the "planes" instead of the fully packed geo (Not sure why this is happening). The sim works find tho. Anywho, I used the good ol' Voronoi fracture and its fine and dandy until I take it to the DOP network. When the force impacts the wall, parts of the wall just disappears. I've tried to lower the force scale and it kinda fixes the problem but the force is too weak. So I then increase it and the same thing happens. (For eg at force scale of 50 it works fine but at 52 it doesn't (as shown in the video)) Disabling the speed limit works too but I can't get the look I want. Can anyone tell me what the hell to do? I've been trying to figure it out for quite sometime now but just cant ugh. Test.mp4
  5. How to fracture bricks for sim?

    Thanks man this works great! Yeah the problem was my UVs It was too small. Anyway thanks a bunch!
  6. How to fracture bricks for sim?

    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster. So I have a brick wall created in Houdini and I wanna blow it up. Got my texture projected and everything. The wall consists of several rectangular boxes all made in Houdini. Projection done in Maya. So now I wanna know the best way to fracture the bricks while still getting that interior detail on the "inside" faces of the bricks. Moreover, once fractured, how do I apply texture on the inside pieces? I know we gotta separate the inside and the outside groups first and then apply the material accordingly. However, when I apply the material (with a broken brick texture), on the inside group, it just renders a single flat color (the color dominant in the texture) . UV unwrapping the inside group and then applying a texture also doesn't work (renders out a single flat color). Maybe I'm doing something wrong Idk. So what is the best and most efficient way to fracture bricks and texture the inside groups? Would love it if you'll could share some tips to help me out. Thanks!! EDIT- I tried using Redshift. Thought that would be important to share.