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  1. 2 Heightfields?

    i've sorted.
  2. 2 Heightfields?

    why are there 2 height-fields in my viewport?
  3. Spider web ground cover

    thanks! just previewed the tutorial.. however, is there a way for this method to drape on objects?
  4. Spider web ground cover

    Any suggestions on the method to be able to achieve something like this?
  5. Baking (hipoly mesh huge)

    hello - so i am working with this design. i generally export meshes for baking in substance. however, the current hipoly exports as a whopping 5 gbs! i tried poly reduce - but it doesn't retain the mesh well. any suggestions?
  6. random rotate top face of polygon?

    hey all - i have been out of town - lots to read and try thanks!
  7. random rotate top face of polygon?

    ah sweet! all good now - thanks @Sepu!
  8. Baking (Redefining lo-poly mesh / chamfer?)

    ok wait. naturally a bevel sop a couple problems however - although minor. some of the edges/corners are inverted? and in the bevel sop node i get: Warning Skipping nonmanifold edge(s): p439-438 Skipping edge(s) with nonmanifold endpoint(s): p439-393 p1349-1350 p1350-1351 p1355-1350 p1376-1350 p1375-1350 p1029-1350 p4132-438 p439-440 and there appears to be openings. i tried adding the fuse node - but that won't work as i would like to keep my bevels consistent.
  9. good day - i have a lopoly set that i plan to use for baking. i have added a boolean to merge the group together. i would now like to select all edges and apply a chamfer/bevel - to soften to 90 deg angle. any suggestions?
  10. random rotate top face of polygon?

    columns01.hip good idea @sant0s81
  11. random rotate top face of polygon?

    i'm not sure - i copied your settings from previous. does this not match? ch("../tube3/height")
  12. random rotate top face of polygon?

    haha - i am soooo close. however, the top face are leaning. how to fix?
  13. random rotate top face of polygon?

    here is my basic setup.
  14. random rotate top face of polygon?

    yep. i'll try again. not happening - is it perhaps this expression? from the tutorial?
  15. random rotate top face of polygon?

    so thanks so much for this - selected the face - but not getting the same result.