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  1. why are there 2 height-fields in my viewport?
  2. thanks! just previewed the tutorial.. however, is there a way for this method to drape on objects?
  3. Any suggestions on the method to be able to achieve something like this?
  4. hello - so i am working with this design. i generally export meshes for baking in substance. however, the current hipoly exports as a whopping 5 gbs! i tried poly reduce - but it doesn't retain the mesh well. any suggestions?
  5. hey all - i have been out of town - lots to read and try thanks!
  6. ok wait. naturally a bevel sop a couple problems however - although minor. some of the edges/corners are inverted? and in the bevel sop node i get: Warning Skipping nonmanifold edge(s): p439-438 Skipping edge(s) with nonmanifold endpoint(s): p439-393 p1349-1350 p1350-1351 p1355-1350 p1376-1350 p1375-1350 p1029-1350 p4132-438 p439-440 and there appears to be openings. i tried adding the fuse node - but that won't work as i would like to keep my bevels consistent.
  7. good day - i have a lopoly set that i plan to use for baking. i have added a boolean to merge the group together. i would now like to select all edges and apply a chamfer/bevel - to soften to 90 deg angle. any suggestions?
  8. i'm not sure - i copied your settings from previous. does this not match? ch("../tube3/height")
  9. haha - i am soooo close. however, the top face are leaning. how to fix?
  10. yep. i'll try again. not happening - is it perhaps this expression? from the tutorial?
  11. so thanks so much for this - selected the face - but not getting the same result.
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