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  1. Hi everyone! That's the [V1] of my new video : SOFTBODY BALLS SIMULATION ! It's the FIRST VERSION, and this is a "stacking" video! And why? Hmmm... Why not! As usual, I think it's colorful, happy, fun and oddly satisfaying! ;-) This is another way to continue improving my skills of Houdini (from SideFX) with SoftBody Simulation, Procedural modeling and Dynamics... All objects modeling, camera paths and soft body dynamics had been made with Houdini v18 Calculating (and saving!) Balls Softbody simulation with Houdini was fast, only about 120 minutes with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X... And for the texturing and renders, this time I used Mantra renderer directly from Houdini, many thanks to NVIDIA with their powerful Optix Denoiser which allow faster rendering with my new RTX2080Ti FE ! Only around 35 hours of rendering with my powerful PC (see below for the setup...) Anyway, have fun with this video and enjoy the stacking of hundreds of softbody balls !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80rl4VX5x_w
  2. Donuts & Cupcakes! What? This is the theme of my new 3D animation [V2] of dominoes falling down! The goal? Have fun and training my skills in 3D simulations under Houdini v18! Technical details : - Houdini 18 -> Modeling, textures of Cupcakes and Donuts, rigid body dynamics simulations, placement and cameras paths. - Blender 2.83.1 -> Textures, lights and rendering with Cycles, because Houdini's mantra is really too slow to calculate ... Now enjoy it and leave me likes and comments, it's always a pleasure !! Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sFKkirxTbk
  3. FX Reel 2020

    Your FX reel is really beautiful!!!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here, I just discovered this Houdini forum today! Just to precise, I'm learning since only 4 months, it's an incredible 3d software but a little bit complex at the beginning... I've an unexpected problem: I've a rigid body simulation stored on my hdd where all are okay for me, and now I want to make the textures, but the DOPimport node keep the colors that were used during object creation!! You can watch it in the screenshot. Please, how can I change the color after the DOPimport node, or maybe how to keep the color of the Assemble node? (I'm working for a render with Mantra) Many (many!) thanks in advance for your tips/answers!