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  1. Long time ago since my last video... It's my new Marble Machine with a ball pathway along 3 differents world, each world calculated separately and assembled in the video editing. All objects modeling, animations, simulation, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.672 This time I really try to optimize the calculation time of the Rigid Body simulation, and it's almost in real time with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X... As always I used REDSHIFT v3.0.53 to render, and of course with the NVIDIA Optix Denoiser to speed up rendering process ! To render the 1350 frames, my two graphic cards (RTX3090 + RTX2080Ti) took around 8 hours... I hope you like this video ! And see you next time ! https://youtu.be/XocGRNc_rDQ
  2. Massive Desert KABOOM

    Really cool and beautiful your big explosion ! You used Mantra for the render!? Wow, it's nice but it wasn't too long ?
  3. I need a flat floor... But with a ramp on the opacity color and a big white sphere all over the scene, it's okay now ! Thanks a lot !
  4. Hello everybody, I’m trying to create a transparency gradient on a plane to obtain a sort of “infinite” surface witout any visible limits. But I always have a black area into my render ! (see the screenshots) How can I make that ?? Thanks a lot in advance !
  5. Hi! I don't use After Effect, but when I load my EXR sequence in DaVinci, the colors are weird too and I need to setup the "Rec 709" option with the calibration part to obtain the "good" colors. Maybe you have the same problem with AE, you need to precise the ACES options...
  6. Thanks again for your feedback ! Yes, for me DaVinci is really cool and pleasant to use ! I prefer a lot than Premiere Pro... The "advertising" looks isn't so easy to do, but it's funny to try !
  7. For the 1st time, I present you... A Fake Advertising 3D video !!! I have never done this style of videos, but I continue to increase my Houdini skills and it's really funny to create, I hope you like it... All objects modeling, animations, fluid simulations, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.563 and I used Redshift3D v3.0.46 to render, it's so fast with my RTX CGCards... And for the 1st time too, I made the Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve 17 from BlackMagic Design, it's a really cool and powerful software ! https://youtu.be/Qk7ydNxoVeA See you later...
  8. After around 120h of rendering, I present to you... the 4th Demolition Day video !!! I hadn't done this style of videos for a long time, but I need to improve my Houdini skills and it's very funny to create, I hope you like it... All objects modeling, animations, simulation, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.532 This time I used MANTRA to render, it's longer than usual but the scene was too heavy for my CGCard... It's here : If you want to see more about my creation process, you can visit (and follow ) my dedicated Facebook page, where there are some screenshots and some explanations about the main steps of the making-of... https://www.facebook.com/3d.forever.funny.videos Have a lot of fun with this Collapsing Buildings 3D Animation !
  9. I don't the habit to use the .rs proxy files, I've just exported only one frame directly from the Redshift node, and when I saw a 2Gb file, I've concluded that'll be impossible for 450 frames...
  10. Ouch... That's a shame... I'm happy with the RTX3090 to manipulate the whole scene in the 3D view, but it'll better if I can use it to render !
  11. Hi everybody ! I’m working on a massive destruction scene (collapsing of 4 buildings with lots of windows) which have finally more than 200k packed fragments… You can see a preview here (the 3td test) : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lionelalvergnas_bonjour-tous-le-monde-tout-dabord-merci-activity-6789944472420585473-s7mI I’m in trouble with “Object loading” time of Redshift (v3.0.44), with a render time of 7m30 almost 90% of this time is used to load the objects ! How can I speed up this (so long…) time? I’ve already tested the RS proxy, but finally I’ve the same render time with a 2Gb file for just one frame, and I’ve 450 frames… For now, I’ll use Mantra which take “only” 4min per frame, but I would prefer use Redshift because of my RTX3090 ! If you’ve any suggestion, I’ll be happy to read that! Thanks in advance Bye
  12. For the 1st video of the spring, I present to you a Compilation of Seamless LOOPS ! Everything was modeled with #Houdini v18.5.499 Textures and 3D rendering are created with #Redshift v3.0.41 Visit my Facebook page dedicated to the making of these videos : https://www.facebook.com/3d.forever.funny.videos It's here : https://youtu.be/at89m1TwXHE
  13. Thanks for all ! And yep, the editing part is difficult for me, I'm working only in 3D and I made the video editing without any "pro" advice... I try something different for each video, but I always try to follow the music as the rules nb 1 (for me...), I think that I need to learn some basic editing rules... Anyway, thanks for your feedback, I appreciate that !
  14. Hi everybody ! This is my (totally! ) new Video : Thousand of Balls Flooding a Scifi Corridor ! With some parts in Slow Motion and a very cool (explosive...) end ! I chose a cool and nice music too ! The design style and colors choice are different than my usual choices... I hope you like it... Video Editing made with Premiere Pro and the Rigid Body Simulation has calculated with Houdini in not so long time, only 2 hours with my Ryzen 9 3900X... Render times weren't so long, around 30 hours for 3600 frames (there are 3 cameras). With my new RTX duo (3090 + 2080Ti) cards, "only" an average of 35s per frame !
  15. Hello everybody ! Today, it's a new Satisfying Video... Some Liquids animations in Slow Motion with a cool and nice music ! I think it's oddly satisfying to watch... I hope you like it anyway... Video Editing with Premiere Pro and it's old Fluids Simulations with FLIP Fluid in too many time... Renders times were so... long ! I don't remember exactly, but they took days of rendering with my old PC... It was before my new RTX (3090 + 2080Ti) cards, with "only" the GTX generation (1080 + 970) ! Don't forget to visit my "Behind The Scenes" page : https://www.facebook.com/3d.forever.funny.videos Have a lot of satifying with this new try... https://youtu.be/ZUI3IcLGZOY