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  1. Future work advice

    Just a tip from some one watching x amount of reels every month... Tone down or drop the music.
  2. Scatter on geometry only on Y-Axis

    So many ways do do stuff like this. Grouping based on normal direction works good, but maybe projecting the base curve upwards and transfer from there is bett cave.hipnc
  3. about entry level jobs

    Sorry I just dont agree. It can newer be wrong to take a job in the industri while looking for the perfect fit. If I got two exactly equal candidates but one has spent time as render wrangler and been introduced to deadlines, I know who I would pick. Lose time? You got something better to do?

    Looks cool. With the long hair, I think the biggest problem is your input. Its som much easier if each "ribbon" is a single connected patch. Then you can run a forEach and copy curves to each patch in uv-space. I`ve made a few of these systems and I always use NURBS. Its really simple to plot out hair if you know the parametric u and v direction. Shout if you need some simple scenes.
  5. Whitewater houdini 17

    Cache the emitter and try partition it into smaller sims. Its advecting thru a velocity field and I dont think anyone will notice if its not perfectly density constrained.
  6. Uknown shading artefacts from Mantra rendering

    Big/small scenescale? Houdini version? Scaled camera/lights? Engine(pbr, raytrace)? Is there any part of the scene we can look at?
  7. Average Cd over time

    If the data isn´t to big, you can try with a chop filter. Since you filter each channel it might post some problems for non b/w values. chopFilter.hipnc
  8. Hair and Fur - Not in the same spot

    Sounds like you use the guidegroom SOP on a deforming object, this will regenerate each frame with a new seed. Groom on static rest and deform with the guidedeform SOP. If it still doesn´t work... A .hip would help to solve the problem.
  9. FLIP Particles Exploding?

    Its about inconsistent point counts in the bubbles collision geometry. You are using a trail-SOP after a popnet that got shifting point count, giving "exploding" velocities on frames were a particle dies. Put the displayflag on the vop after the trail and turn on velocity view. Play the disco To fix this, just kill the trail2 SOP, it doesnt do anything since you apply loads of noise directy after. If you really need that velocity, just check the "use template point attributes" in the copy sop. This will let the bubbles inherit the velocity from the particles.
  10. FLIP Particles Exploding?

    Cant look at the file. But if you are using a static object as collider make sure you got consistent pointnumbers.
  11. Instead of constant VOP use a parameter VOP. That will automaticly promote parameters to the attribute VOP, then write your expressions in the promoted parameter fields, not inside of VOPs.
  12. The vop is not discarding/ignoring anything in the first input, but your up vector is on the curve in the second. You need to fetch it, just like you have done with P and N inside that vop.
  13. There is no up-vector. You use the primuv vop to fetch N and P, but not up.
  14. [SOLVED]Cloth Creation Position Points?

    Do it with a SOP-solver... ap_cloth_confetti_leaf_101916a.hiplc
  15. Hair thickness issue

    I think you are better of leaving the furdirection normalized. You got a pic or a hip file to share with the problem? Regarding the blur... By default the hair shader is created with full opacity at the root. Are you sure nothing is happening if you set the opacity to all white? Ive also noticed that the hair shader is reacting "strange" in some situations with the combination of opacity and diffuse limit above 0.
  16. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    2. Yes f@clumpradius as primattrib works as multiplier. Havent tried guideradius but it might work.
  17. UVs along each hair strand?

    The global t in hair shader is 0-1 along the hair. Open the hair shader and have a look at how the opacity ramp is applied.
  18. VDB grow

    If you change the direction limit from a constant to the dot of N and a field, you can groom the shape of your structure. grow_v002-1.hip
  19. VDB grow

    Thats cool. I would consider doing that with particles, meshing and noise. To me it looks almost like the melting/lava tools, but with dumb particles. *edit.. Did read at vimeo now and there is no particles involved.
  20. Volumetric Hair?

    On the geo node volume hair, you miss the * in the light mask parameter. So... No lights no shading. Keep an eye on your primitives, you are using the convert lines SOP upstreams. It creates a primitive for each segment in your curve. Also, the simulation part of that paper almost sounds like a simplyfied "flip" workflow. Did something like that a few years ago, I´ll check if I can find it at office tomorrow.
  21. kill randomly between 140 and 150 frames

    @Frame with capital F. Also, use id instead of ptnum. if (@Frame > (rand(@id) * 10 + 140)) { dead = 1; }
  22. Can you explain " I have to convert the outside geo into a curve and then use a polywire to outline the geometry. " part or submit a simple .hip file?
  23. creating neighbour attribute

    i@ncount = 0; int count= neighbourcount("0", @ptnum); setpointattrib(0, "ncount", @ptnum, count); Your code could work if you killed the "" in neighbourcount("0",@ptnum);
  24. Unless you are doing this to learn point clouds, there is a pop proximity node that does this for you.
  25. if you want the closest pointnumber on curve use nearpoint vop. If you want the closest distance to curve use the xyzdist vop.