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  1. Which render engine are you using? If Redshift you can use OSL: https://github.com/redshift3d/RedshiftOSLShaders/blob/main/Iridescence.osl
  2. Hello, I need a way to fracture GEO recursively/dynamically using the RBD material facture (No clipping, or cut); (I have built and seen methods for splitting boxes using a loop inside an SOP solver inside a DOP, but have not seen a version using RBD material fracture or the new RBD bullet solver sop) Here I have a basic setup with gravity and rocks crumbling, I've added an attribute transfer to visualize a green zone in the middle. The goal is to say, at frame 120 (Or any random frames) for anything that's green or inside a threshold to split into new parts dynamically while retaining the settings of rbd material fracture if possible. Rocks in green 'split into new rbd material fractures,' rocks without color remain RBD but do not split. Ideally with the RBD bullet sop solver, no DOP network approach. procedural_fracture.hipnc
  3. One-parameter shader

    Very nice :)!
  4. Copy text and change text based on the ID

    Getting the ID, is not problem. However I can't get the ID to equal a string: for example: "if(@id == 1) { v@Cd = set(0,1,0); s@stringAttrib = "hello world"; }"
  5. Hi everyone today I have a simple problem that I don't have the experience working with text in Houdini to Solve, 1. I've created a grid, randomly selected a couple points using a group. I then fed this group to a copy to points. 2. The group of points being copied too are being enumerated so that they have an unique ID. 3. The font is entering the loop, receiving the ID and now displaying it's ID number. 4. Desired result: Per unique ID, I need to be able to say 'if id = 0, then text = 'apple,' just as a random example. I will of course also use the ID number to delete or blast things down the pipeline. Thank you in advance. File: uniquetext.hipnc uniquetext.hipnc
  6. Vellum - updating wind per frame

    Ah, I had played with the inputs and somehow missed to use first context - makes perfect sense. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, Today I've got a simple setup for vellum: I'm using a wrangle to drive wind with a ramp based of color. I'm able to get the wind to update per frame using the vellum DOP method, but i'm unable to achieve the same effect using the cleaner 'vellum solver' in SOP method. I was hoping someone had a solution to this, getting the same result from DOP to vellum solver in SOP. File: odforce_windperframe.hipnc
  8. Hi everyone, Today I have a bit of a challenge that I think can be solved with some clever vex. One of my favorite modeling nodes for Houdini is 'circle from edges,' because you can pretty much select any curved geometry and get a perfect circle. As you may know from C4D creating circles on curved geometry is quite painful. Here is what the basic node does: Now what if instead we wanted a rectangle with rounded edges: Such as this one which I've modeled many times before, and it always requires taking two circles, expanding edges etc. It would be fantastic if the circle from edges could also support this shape and work just as well on curved geometry such as a sphere. I'm not sure where to start with this one, since I've only been working with vex for some short weeks now. However, any hints/tips or ideas are welcomed. Even a way to expose the code used in circle from edges would give me some ideas. My goal is to use VEX to build a bunch of tools that help model industrial models very quickly in Houdini - usually these sorts of details are very common in industrial modeling. Thank you.
  9. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Exactly. I'm currently working on my take to achieve this, will share the file when bug free =)
  10. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Oh, nice one. Did you use Fencer's technique?
  11. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Hey Fencer, Thank you for taking the time to review this. The solution you have working is quite cool, a bit tricky with multi solver setup - so currently trying to reverse engineer so I fully get it. The idea of using Point deform inside the sopsolver1 and 2 and then merging them.. Nice! I have a follow up question: Here in this file I've moved your vex curtain to the right, and I've added a simple disc using labs tool (I've also made gravity go up, and pinned the inner edges) -- but you'll notice it doesn't complete the full animation cycle it stops simulating around frame 20ish. Of course, If I edit the frame on enable solver it will try to do something. Would be curious to see what your solution is, maybe one will come to mind after I've fully grasped your file =)! vellum_on_fly.hiplc Again thank you
  12. Hey everyone, Today I have a rather simple question, I'll provide my current file as well as use screenshots to quickly get across what I mean by 'Vellum input geometry update per frame.' Step 1: A disc: I've animated Arc End, creating a disc that closes itself, I have also grouped the inner edges. 2. Result A curtain if you will taking the shape of the disc. What I would like: I require the disc to animate into the full circle and retain the vellum effect, essentially creating a circular curtain that closes itself. However Vellum only takes the input geometry from frame 1. I have played with rest blend, but did not get it work. Here is my file: vellum_circle.hiplc
  13. Looking forward to it and learning your technique! It looks really promising.
  14. Thank you for the reply - it looks like a promising video and something where I could learn a lot. However 200 USD, especially when a tutorial of about 6 hour in length and say by someone as recognized as Steven Knipping - it would cost around 80 USD https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/applied-houdini---rigids-ii-version-2.0?utm_source=cgcircuit&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=home-page I'd love to support you by purchasing this, but personally 80 would be a more standard price, but that's up to you =) Regardless, thank you for even making something like this and I do hope some people buy it - but the price may put off most people from buying it.
  15. How long is this series? I would love to buy it, but 200 USD seems a bit pricey compared to other series, also this is the first course from you that I've heard about. Would be curious to understand why, and if anyone has bought it. It does look like a fun one, just need to be sure it's worth 200 USD.