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  1. Painting with polygons

    Thanks rende! Just what I needed!
  2. sss with displacment without using ptc

    He's talking about PoinT Clouds. @kensonuken You could take a look at some old shaders like Mario's SSS shader found here. But you're first thougth about trying the Axis SSS shader might be a better start for what you are looking for (and it's newer). Why is the Axis shader not a concrete solution?
  3. Fantastic! Glad it was something easily fixed. Not a waste a time at all since I'm sure other users will run into the same thing. Now they can find the answer here
  4. Could you get the latest build (10.0.374) and see if you have the same issue (maybe some odd bug has since been fixed)? Your HD license will work on the new builds so no harm there. And if I may ask, how exactly are you rendering the image and selecting the resolution? Have you gone to your camera options and change the resolution under the View tab? Have you laid down a new Mantra node and under Properties > Output and changed the resolution there by checking the "override camera resolution" flag to see if that works? I know these questions might be insulting but we should explore all possibilities.
  5. Houdini Tutorials on Vimeo

    Definitely watching the wet map series!!! And if we're adding Vimeo channels maybe I'll through mine in as well: http://vimeo.com/channels/57559
  6. Op_Id output

    I think what might be the issue is that you are missing the addition of vm_generate_opid (Mantra 10.0 > Output > Generate Op Ids for objects) to your Mantra node. If you're interested, I did a little video on this which might help.
  7. Painting with polygons

    I'm not understanding Mike's tip - I can't seem to get this effect to work that way. Could someone post a screen cap of the VOPSOP or a hip?
  8. A fanboy pic

    Beautiful! THANK YOU!
  9. A fanboy pic

    I would love a high res version so I can make this beauty my background. Got any handy (or currently rendering)?
  10. Where Can I Get HQueue

    HQueue is still in beta and is available in the Linux builds only (there's an option for it in the installer). I remember that it was supposed to come out of beta in July but maybe they've hit a few snags (or maybe I haven't noticed that Windows and Macs have it now). It will come with Houdini (so free in a sense) but Apprentice users will find little use in it due to the limitations. There is of course the HQueue Help Page, but HQueue itself has some help sections on it's actual use.
  11. Linux

    I'm not going to be the one start the which Linux distro is better, but I can say that I've been using Fedora (currently 11) with Houdini and it works. I suppose that's what's most important - a working Linux distribution that works with Houdini, and I'm sure there are several that work just fine. I will say that Fedora has regular updates and is backed by Red Hat.
  12. od[force] Houdini 11 Wishlist

    A retopology tool (or set of tools) would be a nice addition unless there's some great sop setup that can do a good redrawing of points on a model that I haven't found (anyone know of one?).
  13. The lighting model in the frontface box is so the front_side_light is contributing to the color of the shader (i.e. it gives the grid a green tint). As long as we're asking questions I have one of my own Jason. You note: "Please note that you must turn off "Ensure Face Point Forward" in the Lighting Model VOPs." This only applies when the normals of the grid are pointing away from the torus. When they are pointing towards the torus (I rotate the grid 180) it doesn't matter if "Ensure Face Point Forward" is on or off. So I suppose the question is: Am I right about that? If so, when using this technique is the orientation of the normals something you always need to think about or not worry about it and just uncheck "Ensure Face Point Forward" if it's not working?
  14. RESOLVED: Python COM Access Restricted In Houdini

    My thoughts exactly, that's why I wasn't paying any attention to what was actually in the comtypes folder. Big lesson learned on my part in this case.
  15. RESOLVED: Python COM Access Restricted In Houdini

    Figured it out - but this will be embarrassing on my part. And it actually makes me feel kind of silly wasting so much time trying to find work-arounds for what I thought was a bigger issue. But since I posted about it I am obligated to post the resolution: The comtypes module in Houdini wasn't compiled! (SYmek: You may begin laughing) I had no .pyc or .pyo files anywhere. And that was it, after I compiled everything using the Python compileall module in Houdini itself (along with adding my own _ctypes.pyd) it all worked out. Now I can get Houdini's command window to print the data from the device just fine. Now I need to see if it's feasible to get this data into Houdini beyond printing to a window, but that is for another day. And if I get anythin usable out of it I'll be sure to post about it.