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  1. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19013-user-driven-input-for-generating-curves/
  2. Flip Fluid Sand Girl

    e fake_melt.hip
  3. Flip Fluid Sand Girl

    It is a fake melting effect,maybe not the best method (first test). It is driven by a noise and one animated parameter. (you have to pressed the render button in the attached file`s Mesh geometry node)
  4. Particle fluid shape morph

    Thank you for yours rapid answers!
  5. Particle fluid shape morph

    Hi! How can I make particle based fluid to form a specified shape (like a target geometry) or fill up an object. So, how it is possible to achieve the same as RealFlow`s Magic Daemon? It`ok to generate particles in a specified shape, but my problem is with the morphing effect, like water splashes and then turns to a given logo, etc... Thank you in advance!
  6. Point cloud shader problem

    Thanks, I already checked it with "i" key. But I don't now, why it is negative. I'm sure the problem is in my shader. If you look at the picture, you should realize, that those gradient spots should be continuous, I should not get any negative values!
  7. Point cloud shader problem

    Hello! I've been experimenting with the point cloud feature, but I encountered some problems. I attached the picture about how it looks in rendered. There problem is concerning to those black square shapes, those areas supposed to have negative values. I would really appreciate some help with this. I also attached my scene file! Thank you in advance! Regards, Hytor pointCloudBS.zip