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  1. Fishy Fish flock

    Nice!! @Jebbel: fyi.. if you need something to experiment with, Houdini 14 comes with the boid flocking forces (popsteeralign/popsteercohesion/popsteerseparate dop nodes). They're all done in wrangles so can be modified easily.
  2. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    I think you'd have to use spline() and fetch ramp parm data yourself as right now there's no way to grab it directly.. (though I just tried this and it doesn't seem to work so not sure if it's supported yet) edit: following should work now; \"cubic\" needed to be escaped since we're passing the whole thing as a json string in quotes "code" : "cvex mFn( int seed = 0; export vector out_color = {0,0,0} ) { float values[] = {`ch("ramp1value")`,`ch("ramp2value")`,`ch("ramp3value")`,`ch("ramp4value")`}; float s = spline(\"cubic\", float(seed/11.0), values ); out_color = set(0,s,0); }", "bindings": { "seed" : "intrinsic:indexorder" } From what Ed mentioned earlier the layer workflow is in it's early stages right now so submit those RFEs
  3. Animations used in the crowd examples are baked from mocapbiped1 and mocabiped2 assets (switch Animation menu to choose different onse). Crowd examples have a ROP network 'bake_cycles' with Agent ROPs that write out the required files for crowds; they're in $HIP/agents folder by default ($HIP is location where the hip file is saved).
  4. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    yeah need to hit reload on the crowdsource so it picks up any clips you've baked out since the initial hip load/last reload. Crowdstate nodes associate animation with states (through detail attribs) and limit scope of forces to only affect particles in that state. Transition nodes also look for them to populate the dropdown menus. In theory you could manage all the attributes in vops/wrangles; as long as they're set to valid agent clip data it should work. Check out the crowdstate/clipdata_detail node Data Bindings tab for the attributes that are being set.
  5. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    You should be able to override the 'state' attribute (string) either through the randomize option or just plugging in a wrangle after the crowdsource SOP (before the OUT null) and doing if (@ptnum%2==0){ s@state = "run"; } else { s@state = "walk"; } I'll update docs as they're out of date (attribute names changed a few times
  6. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    Agent data is saved by default to $HIP/agents. If you're using someone else's file, most likely you'll be missing it as it's not part of the hip file. Easiest way to rebuild it, is to save hip file in your preferred location and click Render on the ROP network 'agent_bake' in this case(this will write out the needed files). You'll have to click 'Reload' on any crowdsource SOPs so they pick up the saved files. For general setup ideas take a look at the 'examples' on the Crowd shelf. Also, if you click 'Simulate' without giving it any crowdsource objects if will create a default setup for you with some agents walking around (using existing assets that come with Houdini). Help also has a lot of useful info ( *Houdini Quickstart tutorials (nice 2-3min short videos to get you up to speed quickly) http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=253&Itemid=408
  7. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    Not currently.. only part that's modifying the feet/leg positions right now is the terrain adaptation but that only projects onto the terrain, it doesn't lock them in place. Is the source animation clip inplace or locomotive? In theory locomotive (crowdsolver/animation 'Lock particle speed to mocap' option) might give better results though if the agents are turning you'll most likely end up with some sliding.
  8. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    Randomizing speedmax on crowdsource sop (or in dops with a wrangle) will let you vary the agent speed. Crowdsolver/animation tab Allowed Variance will specify how much you let the agent vary their speed relative to the gate speed (it should be 100 by default which will let agents come to full stop if need be). The animation should automatically get retimed based on the speed.
  9. Help with CloudFX

    If you're using the cloud rig tool you can scale/model your geo input as well as scale the noise pattern. With the sky rig scaling the noise will stretch the shapes. See attached file. clouds.hip
  10. Orbolt request area

    .. request an asset get Houdini! Orbolt asset request contest http://www.orbolt.com/faq/question/120/asset-request-contest
  11. Shameless plug of the day.. Orbolt added a request area where users can ask (also vote/comment) for specific assets to be made. Hopefully this will help authors gage where interest is and let users ask for specific ideas that they'd like to see. The requests can be for regular Houdini assets or Engine/app specific. https://www.orbolt.com/requests thanks Adam @mods.. if the post is better in another subforum feel free to move..
  12. Ya I had to do that

    .. putting hair/pubes BACK into the plate.. ugh.. aghem.. yeah.. it's not just a job.. it's an adventure!
  13. Sprite Crowds on viewport

    Another option would be to combine your images into a big atlas style texture and then stamp uv offsets instead with a single shop (which would let you see the textures in viewport).. caveat with this method is that mimmaping of the atlas image might be an issue.. it depends on what your textures are and how close/far they're to the camera.. fwiw
  14. I've corrected the link.. please use the SideFX Labs forums to report issues. *SideFX Labs* http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewforum&f=46&sid=9d0f5742fdc872f6fe995a9f5da336ec
  15. If you're getting crashes submit them to support and/or to the Maya or Unity plugins forums.. it'll help devs to track/fix the bugs. Include.. - operating system - maya/unity versions - Houdini version - python version (if any custom installs) /edit (corrected to point to proper forum) *SideFX Labs forum* http://www.sidefx.co...e995a9f5da336ec