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  1. Wire deform on multiple curves

    Cant recheck the file at the moment, but I would guess it has something to do with the orientation of your points on the simulated wires.
  2. Wire deform on multiple curves

    Hi, I rearranged your capture setup... trouble uploading here so you can grab it from the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jexHVmymw2WkKI6NTxt6Y3VZsW8Xq0BT/view?usp=sharing
  3. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    Hey Mike, I rebuilt your scene and I think this is what you want. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pRDLoPq4FTMIb8rQ4gGX29BNyv0mlR-H
  4. Attribute decay on repeating geo

    I just shutdown my pc for the night so I didn't look at your file, but if you add an attibute say @counter = 0; before the solver and then in the solver @counter +=1; you can then @age = fit(@counter, 0, 20, 1, 0) to give you a countdown. sorry if I misunderstood cheers Craig
  5. Fire stripe on sea

    In a volume vop or volume wrangle, get the bounding box of your source and multiply fuel and probably temperature by a ramp that fades at both ends. example >>>> fuel_ramp.rar cheers Craig
  6. Houdini constraint make the simulation freeze ?

    hey Julien, I saw a couple of problems in your sim. 1. The "set active" wrangle in the sop solver was set to primitives and should be points; 2. you had some zero masses on your points which is what is freezing your sim. It probably means you have pieces with no size. so you can either clean your geo or just add if(@mass==0)@mass=1; in the "set active" wrangle. that will make it work. Also when you make your constraints, I would personally add a facet after the connectadjacentpieces1 sop and check unique points. The will give each primitive a unique set of points which make them easy and clean to delete, plus you can scale them to zero if you want to use hard constraints. cheers Craig
  7. scatter - dop - particles

    I made a couple of changes to your file to make it more stable .... I changed the sourcing a bit, sample the point position to do the sticking instead of primuv and also made a new age attr so the particles die only when they are released. cheers Craig I had trouble uploading the file so I have a google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fJlzBXb01BQteaZ1K-FlwnZB_o7vjRbr/view
  8. scatter - dop - particles

    I had a look at your file at work today and the effect gets messed up when your first particle dies. if you go into the stick vop and instead of using a bind to set sourceprim and sourceprimuv, use import point attribute.... ptnum > ptnum...1st or 3rd input > file ...and it will work. Don't forget to set your input on the vop. If you can't get it to work I will do it for you when I get home. cheers Craig
  9. UI Dialog Help

    Hi Michael, I had the same problem as you and I ended up using pyside2, but you might want to check out alex's huilib in this thread. His wrapper comes with an example script and it seems to work in 16, and seems great for simple ui's cheers Craig
  10. RE-timing nuclear pyro sim help

    qLib works fine with pyro. You need a velocity field and you need to animate the frame parameter at the top of the node.
  11. RE-timing nuclear pyro sim help

    you should check out qLib(just search qLib for houdini) .. the volume retime ql did a great job for me of retiming without changing the look of the sim and with no strobing.
  12. dynamically adding constraints in dops(SOLVED)

    Can remove the constraint transform in the sop solver and just add a rest position before out geo in the sop net
  13. hi I am adding constraints to objects that are created in sops, then taken into dops and I am having problems getting my constraints to line up like they do on the first frame. It looks like some kind of motion offset but whatever it is I cant seem to solve it. help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Craig add_constraints_001.hip
  14. non voronoi more realistic fracturing.

    Actually volume breaker in TP uses voronoi to fracture. You can use "cells"(particle clouds) to activate and place your fracture, scale in xy and z and joint pieces together but its still just a voronoi pattern. (maybe has some dispacement or a nosie mod post sim), The biggest difference for me between houdini and TP rbd sim's is the speed. TP is much faster but I have used TP alot more than I have houdini so it could just be me .
  15. replacing areas of velocity in a flip fluid

    I think I have got what i wanted using a sop solver as i couldnt get the gas field vop to work . I did it the same way ikarus suggested but i used a mix and clamped the bias instead of a 2 way . I would still be interested to know what would make gas field vop work. thanks Craig