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  1. Particular type of reflection

    hah, muddy that expained the problem a lot, but does that mean s/he has to stick with HRDI(sp?) texture? i never touched one of those (what's wrong with low rang bitmaps anyway ) so that's initially a problem. personally i think there's no one all-powerful way to deal with every scenes. i have to customise lighting n texture n stuff for every scene to make them look "normal" anyway... already forgot how to complain *waiting for free shaders to drop from the sky*
  2. lightning

    hei Kent this's Arion remember? heheh anyway how r u doing mate, what r u doing with Houdini now? we have another cg elective here, hoped u were here but... anyway i lost ur mob number hah maybe u just send to my arionpsi@yahoo.com thanks lot ^^ hmm and can i have a look at the lightning thingie? it looks promising =P