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  1. Feeding new grains into vellum sim

    Hi all! this might be a silly question but I just wanted to know how can I feed new grains into my vellum grain simulation. let me explain more, I have an object that is filling with points on SOPs, used scatter and blasted point from top to bottom, and then I used Vellum configure grain to add the attributes, Now how can I add these animated grains into my sim every frame? its probably a SOP solver node combination that I cant figure it out! appreciate if anyone can help me on this, Thanks
  2. Group particles with maximum age

    Hey everyone! I got a very silly question, it seems simple but i cant figure it out! I have a Flip sim with reseeding "on", I had to turn it on because of the look i was looking for, so particles are constantly dying and generating overtime. I would like to randomly group those particles that doesn't die until the end (basically their age is maximum) and clone sphere on them, I have age attribute from solver but for some reason values are changing uniformly for all the points! I tried making my own "age" attribute using SOP Solver with @age += @Timeinc and attribute transfer but the results wasn't accurate enough because of "attrib transfer" approximation nature. So, I guess my solution is to group all the particles that are present in the last frame based on "id", keep them and delete the rest of them, I guess gotta do it with Vex using arrays and stuff but I'm a noobie in vex! I know it sound confusing but I appreciate if anyone has a solution for this Thank you
  3. Use deforming geometry as FLIP source

    Hi, I have a question that I've been trying to figure it out for a long time! I have a sphere that is constantly pulsing scale 0 to 1 and moving up, and I want to use this animated sphere as FLIP source, so it makes a fluid wave effect that gravity effects it, but how can I feed this deforming geometry to FLIP solver? I tried multisolver with sopsolver, but it generates particles overlapping every frame! What is the best way to do this? Thanks.
  4. Reduce collision velocity

    Hi, I have a FLIP simulation with a deforming collision object, the motion of the collision object is very slight and slow, but fluid is splashing and behaving crazy! my question is how chill out velocity of the collision object? thanks!
  5. Controling force of particles

    Yes but how to use fields and masks for Pop force ?
  6. Controling force of particles

    Hi, a noob here, sorry if my question seems strange. I'm coming from background of Cinema4d and I'm trying to apply forces (like gravity or wind) to certain areas of a FLIP object, I'm looking for some sort of fields and i like to animate it but couldn't figure it out. Can anybody help me? Thanks.