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  1. Hello I would like to know how to access parameters under a folder in a node. These pictures are what I am trying to do. In point wrangle node' Action Button', I access to parameters of polyloft node.(first picture) And what I want to do is to remove lists of parameters under "Points" folder.(second picture) I could know the name of that folder by exporting polyloft node as python code.(third picture) But I can remove only the folder itself so far. (fourth picture) I hope to know how to get all parameters under the folder. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hello I have started houdini recently. And I am wondering why OnCreated.py does not answer anything when I create a node like "sphere". And I am taking a week to search the solution. I put pictures of my projects below. First I did project set. And in scripts folder in this project, I put OnCreated.py. I wrote only "print ('testprint')" in it. And at last I made sphere node. But nothing written in python shell. I would appreciate any comments or advices. thank you very much for reading.