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  1. copy node

    thank you very much
  2. copy node

    hi I would like to ask why I get this rotation when I use copy node. thank you this is circle type ↓
  3. meaning of dihedral

    thank you very much konnichiwa. now I could understand that normal means a plane.
  4. why houdini's dihedral() needs vector as argument,even it means angle from two planes?
  5. thank you very much. I could get the degrees.
  6. thanksfully I could rotate tube. still wish to know if vector xyz can be converted to xyz rotation degrees so that I can use in parameters in transform node.
  7. hi thank you very much for the reply. I am trying to do so. How do you apply @orient for tube rotation??
  8. hello I would like to ask about if i can use vector to make object rotate. here is the scene I am working on. I get vector from point 0 and 1. and want to use that to rotate tube along 0-1 line. I am not strong at math. and I want to know which function I should use to change vector to xyz degree. thank you for reading. pipe_generate_v02.hipnc
  9. thank you very much. I could do by converting polygon to vdb.
  10. Grouping by bounding objects(this time its polywire) has unexpected result at the crossing point of polywire mesh. Green mark point is the whear I suppose I can get as group. How could I get the point ? Thank you. P
  11. Hello I would like to know how to access parameters under a folder in a node. These pictures are what I am trying to do. In point wrangle node' Action Button', I access to parameters of polyloft node.(first picture) And what I want to do is to remove lists of parameters under "Points" folder.(second picture) I could know the name of that folder by exporting polyloft node as python code.(third picture) But I can remove only the folder itself so far. (fourth picture) I hope to know how to get all parameters under the folder. Thank you for reading.
  12. Hello I have started houdini recently. And I am wondering why OnCreated.py does not answer anything when I create a node like "sphere". And I am taking a week to search the solution. I put pictures of my projects below. First I did project set. And in scripts folder in this project, I put OnCreated.py. I wrote only "print ('testprint')" in it. And at last I made sphere node. But nothing written in python shell. I would appreciate any comments or advices. thank you very much for reading.